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11. Posted by Cosmo. (Budding Member 21 posts) 11y

So do I (and you too!!) , if I head over!!

Missed the whole australian buzz with my mates 2 years ago (was just the wrong time for me) so hoping I defo do this in january !!

12. Posted by TravelMc (Respected Member 93 posts) 11y

Hey Cosmo

Don't forget to also look into things like bank accounts before you go. Not sure what the deal is with the set-up you are having done for you but if they don't do that for you I suggest finding out what the state of play is. I mention this as it is a major sticking point for those of us who came the other way because its super hard to get an account once you are in the country.

Best of luck and have fun - take your beachwear and lots of sunblock - it'll be hot in January.:)


13. Posted by Cosmo. (Budding Member 21 posts) 11y

Cheers travelmc - thanks for the advice!

14. Posted by johnnyr (Budding Member 17 posts) 11y

Applying for the Visa through the official NZ government site do you have to send your passport etc to the NZ imigration office in London? Or just the application form. Any help because not paying £1 a minute to ring them for help.

15. Posted by kerryd (Full Member 19 posts) 11y

Hi Johnnyr,

Yep - you need to send your passport. They'll put a label in it to confirm your visa.

Their service was excellent - sent the application off on a Monday and got it back the following Thursday.

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