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from cambodia to australian main land....can you walk

Travel Forums Asia from cambodia to australian main land....can you walk

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11. Posted by chef_trekR (Budding Member 17 posts) 11y

Yea, Yea... I know The ugly American syndrome strikes again.... lol

You know Igetlost, I considered not posting because I was sure that anyone posting here knew better than to try and "walk" to Australia but I wasn't sure. I mean I have met people in real life that when the see Hawaiian license plates in Mainland US ask "How long did it take to drive here from Hawaii?" You know that you can't "drive" here from Hawaii but you're never sure if they realize that by what they said.

I certainly didn't mean it as an attack.

Perhaps I shouldn't assume that a person's knowledge or intelligence is based on his command or in this case writing of a particular language. (since you were not clear in your wording) I should have just asked you to clarify.

No harm, no foul


12. Posted by soliqa (Respected Member 284 posts) 11y

Sorry!! I actually thought you were being serious, and I've heard people ask much dumber questions so didn't take too much notice!! Now that it is clear, I'd really like to know if its possible and not too expensive.

Don't you hate typing... no expression!!

13. Posted by igetlost (Full Member 89 posts) 11y

you are all beautiful people really!!!

14. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 11y

I spoke to God today, and she told me that I shouldn't apologise for my JC remark. She reckons her son likes taking the pizz, as long as some tosser in the crowd doesn't bawl out 'Turn it into wine'.
I have never heard of boats from Indonesia to Oz unless we are talking cruise ships, fishing boats fishing illegally in Oz waters or deathtraps taking refugees illegally into Oz.

St. Anthony (lapsed)

15. Posted by igetlost (Full Member 89 posts) 11y

thank you anthony!!!
thats what i thought....i thought refugee entry would be the only way to get close..and i dont fancy the three or four mile swim those cruises would leave you with.
i also spoke to god this afternoon and it said jc wouldnt care anyway because he robbed the idea from orion!!
also i deeply respect exiled scottish humour!!!!
i had assumed you were talking the piss!!

things like the above are what i'm looking for..

16. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 11y

It had nothing to do with orion.
JC half-inched the idea from Bert O'Lucci, the famous Irish film director.

The hairy Haggi

17. Posted by Peter (Admin 5898 posts) 11y

Well, there are other boats besides refugee boats into Australia from Indonesia. Of course, we trade various goods with them, so there must be any number of freight ships that would make the trip. Sometimes you can reserve a cabin on those ships. In fact, there are some websites that actually arrange these bookings - though the ones I've seen going in and out of Australia are to Singapore. Not cheap either.

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