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SCUBA in South America

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1. Posted by rogue (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

I will be parsing several months between northern Argentina, Uraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and possibly Brazil (not in that order). This is primarily a trekking, cultural trip, so I won't be bringining my gear (except possibly for my beloved reg). Here are some questions I have for anyone who has dove there...

- What dive sites off the coasts of Brazil, Uraguay & Argentina are "must-dos"?

- Regarding Brazil in particular, any specific Portugese wrecks? I am not currently planning to travel to Brazil as I know ZERO Portugese, but if there's a site that would make the side trip worthwhile....?

- Is any of the diving in colder Atlantic Patagonian waters worthwhile?

- Has anyone ever arranged a last-minute liveaboard to the Gallapagos from Quito? I'm solo so I'm hoping to get a deal to fill a bed on a boat that would otherwise go vacant.


2. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 11y

Hey Rob

Sorry I can't help too much on the dive sites...never been down there. But, try PADI's or NAUI's website for more info on the areas you're going. They know everything about diving, and then some. As to cold water diving, wherever you go, it's always a totally different experience than warm water. Got a camera for underwater shots? Or a housing for your land camera? It's well worth the effort to try some UW photography. What little we did in Antigua was incredibly fun.

Speaking zero Portuguese shouldn't stop you from going to Brazil. There are so many sources out there for you to learn just a few key phrases, and even just trying to speak someone's language to them is generally received well. Sometimes, it's the mistakes you make that make your whole trip worthwhile.

BTW, I would bring at least my mask and snorkel to go along with your reg...just for comfort sake. Fins, BC, etc...should be easy enough to rent, borrow, etc.

Try this link to PADI:

3. Posted by Adrock (Budding Member 55 posts) 11y

I am heading down to SA as well and want to do some diving. I have done some reaserch online and the best places seem to be in venezuela in the carribbean, there is an island out there that is supposed to be really good for diving although I can't remember the name right now. Equador is also know for good diving as well. My plan is to just show up and see what its all about.

4. Posted by rogue (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

Sometimes, it's the mistakes you make that make your whole trip worthwhile.

Good advice beerman ;) I'll reconsider Brazil, and check your link.

Adrock, I believe the island you are thinking of may be Bonaire, and yes that place provides some very nice diving.

What is your itinerary/schedule like, Adrock? My trip is from end of November to early February.

5. Posted by sinfronter (Budding Member 29 posts) 11y

Recife in NE Brasil has GREAT wreckdiving, everything from colonial to WWII and newer.

Fernando de Noronha is also good for clear waters, as well as Arquipelago de Abrolhos, in Southern Bahía State. Around Florianopolis island (in the south) there is also good diving.

In Patagonia you can dive the Nahuel Huapi lake, it has a petrified forest on one spot. Not spectacular but nice if you´re in the neighbourhood.

Lake Titicaca has the thrill of a high-diving spot and clear waters too. You might want to take a special course for that.

6. Posted by Adrock (Budding Member 55 posts) 11y

Actually the island that I was talking about is the Isla de Margarita. I am flying into Peru on Oct. 19th and spend on traveling SA for about 6-7 months. My schedule is totally up in the air at this point I figure I will make my way north and kick it on the beaches in Venezuela for a while, but I don't know will happen for sure. I definatly plan on doing some diving while I am up there. Anyways let me know what you plan on doing.

7. Posted by hednorth (Budding Member 31 posts) 11y

Hey! I have the same question about Argentina and Uruguay (diving)? Going in January.