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11. Posted by meekychunky (Full Member 80 posts) 11y

thanks Gelli .. great advice!!!

12. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 11y

Oh, and something i forgot. VERY IMPORTANT. If you wear a money belt, make sure that whatever you keep in it is in a plastic bag. You will sweat (and probably be rained on), and its amazing how quickly crisp paper money becomes virtually blank paper no use to anybody (and magnetic strips on the credit cards can get warped and unusable), as lots of people discover the hard way...

I tend to use bank cash bags (from any UK high street bank), and then put them inside a ziplock bag, and i`ve never had a problem.

13. Posted by meekychunky (Full Member 80 posts) 11y

Oh my god .. there is sooooooooooo much to remember .. how will i do it lol!!!

14. Posted by Clanger (Respected Member 202 posts) 11y

I find that having my day pack on my front helps balance out the weight. I weigh only 9.5 stone - my backpack is its a tad heavy - but with the two together it feels ok.

15. Posted by acerX (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y

I am posting in this older thread rather than starting a new thread with repetitive info in it. :)

I am traveling to Europe for 5 weeks in May and need advice on packs, day packs, and other such stuff. I have never traveled before and therefore haven't a blessed clue as to anything. The only thing I have heard is pack half as much cr*p and twice as much money.

Therefore, I have been looking at something in the 2800-3700 cu. in. range. The bag that most appeals to me (without trying anything on) is the Osprey Transporter This bag can be purchased for $119 (US) for the 46 liter bag and $139 for the 60 liter bag (US). I wanted something that was carry on size, as to not fight with international baggage claims. The T46 is carry on size, but the T60 is 2.5 inches too big.

Is this size appropriate? Any reccomendations for bags? Any stories about the Osprey Transporter series? Carry-on vs checked luggage? What kind of daypack? How big?

16. Posted by acerX (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y

Guess my questions where too hard, wordy, something. Synopsis...

Is 3700 cu in (60 liters) a big enough bag for a 6 week trip around Europe?

What kind of day pack should I be looking for?

How big should said daypack be?

17. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 11y

Sorry, am on the road with limited internet access. To answer your synopsis...

Is 3700 cu in (60 liters) a big enough bag for a 6 week trip around Europe?

Absoluteley. Unless yopu are doing some serious trekking and camping, 60l should be the absolute max you go for. If you can get away with less, go for it, but i know that that is tricky if you've never travelled. I travel with a 26, and 35 is the largest i would even consider, but i've been travelling a long time and know just what i need and don't. A pack of 45-50 would be ample. If you will be staying in hostels, you won't need a real sleeping bag (most don't allow their use anyway) which will cut out a chunk of size and weight. Ditto a tent and cooking equiptment.

What kind of day pack should I be looking for?

Try searching old threads for it. I've answered this several times before. But basically, the one that works for YOU. Everybodies body shape is different, and what is perfect for one person, could be agony for somone else. Whatever you do, make sure you try it out properly first, if possible fully loaded and doing things like walking around supermarkets, climbing stairs and getting on and off buses/trains/trams and trying to store your bag. Get a real feel for it. If you can't find my old advicve, shout and i'll try and dig it out.

How big should said daypack be

You don't want to be carrying much around. Realistaically, all you need is guidebook, camera, mp3 player if you have one (so not left in hostel unattended), water bottle and tissues or loo roll. Most people also carry a waterproof as well. Something like 15l is fine. Mine is about 8 litres and folds down. It does amuse me that some people carry more in a bigger daysack than i carry on my entire trip, but it's again personal preference. Note that you actually wear your daytsack much more than your big bag, so its not something to scrimp on.


18. Posted by acerX (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y


You knowledge seems endless and information always most helpful! Thank you so much. In order to simplify my trip I am aiming for a 46 liter pack, which when fully loaded weighs 8kg or less. This is order to get it on as carry on. I will also be looking for a packable daypack. size and type unknown. When I do finally buy this stuff I will post what I got here for others to consider.


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