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seeking girl for trip in italy

Travel Forums Travel Companions seeking girl for trip in italy

1. Posted by piccolagin (Inactive 4 posts) 12y

hi my name is jenni,

I'm 27 year old girl from reggio emilia, north of italy. I'm planning to travel around Italy this spring/summer with my car and my dog (no hotels, sleeping in the car or at friends' home if we're lucky to find some or sleeping in tent).
I am a freelance graphic designer so have flexible working days and can stay on holiday for a month or more if I want. my boyfriend is too boring for these kind of things, a girl that shares my interests would be ideal.... great! would you like to join me?

what I like: NATURE, animals, meeting different people, explore new places and cultures, trekking, sun-bathing!, swimming, taking loads of photos with my digital camera, listening to music and singing loud in the car!!!
.... I don't smoke and don't take drugs.

what I want to see: the Alps, with grazing flocks, shepherds... lakes. could also stop in Liguria at the sea side where i have friends with a flat. the sea is cristal clear and all the Cinque Terre are very nice places to stay, ancient, good food, tipical italian i love it.

ok, if you can see yourself in this small description please write to me and we can talk about it... send pictures etc...

ciao grazie per l'attenzione!

[email protected]

2. Posted by zoeitm (Budding Member 30 posts) 12y

that sounds great!, but im not planning till late fall, early 05
good luck!

3. Posted by amberani (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y

hi, u still going around italy? im here and ready to travel...amber

4. Posted by gardenia (Budding Member 25 posts) 12y

hi there

i am currently in tuscany and going to florence and rome and finishing on monday the 6 in venice and really interested in travelling with you it sounds fantastic have already been to milan but would go tomorrow if someone says lets go :)

read my profile and ill check my email later in the week and maybe we can ecxhange numbers.

i am on a budget holiday an aussie from australia and love italy so far :)

gardenia hope to hear from you soon