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Budapest Nightlife WARNING!!!

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31. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

i went to budapest for a cousins wedding...extremly cheap when drinking and eating out! when i mean drinking in normal local pubs.

however getting taxis was a scam! always have the meter running! they also pretend to know no english at at all! and in some respects a lot of them dont!

it is a very nice city, different to many european citys, with beautiful women...a lot of history there too with the jews, nazis, red army been there...after all they are a former communist country! so they dont smile as much!

32. Posted by lisa1 (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

i have been in budapest for four days with a couple of friends and it was great! we also stayed at atlantis, it's pretty nice and, as was said before (is that right? sorry for my english!), close to a public transport station. we were staying in budapest from monday-thursday, and although it is a big city we at first had some trouble finding a club that was actually open (or maybe we just asked the wrong people). since we didn't want to take a cab (for obvious reasons)and had plenty of time, we walked (!), all the way over to buda where we finally found a nice club, i think it was called 'Rio' or something, i don't quite remember. as i said it was a nice elegant club, but on that day there were more 'older' people there (i'm 18, so older is relative ) so after one cocktail we decided to move on and we found a place called 'Pardon', an outdoor club with different areas and hot guys .
the prices for the drinks seem to be very cheap at first sight (150 forinth for wodka-orange ->great), but they are PER CL!! so in the end you have to pay a lot more.
if you have trouble finding something, just ask people on the streets, they're all really friendly!

33. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

i didnt find budapest dodgy...or me it was just like any other city.

however i noticed a lot of people in budapest have dull faces, never smile, not so friendly and i know why...FORMER COMMUNIST COUNTRY! and not out of that era for that long either!

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