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Which country is cheaper and nicer Nepal or China?

Travel Forums Asia Which country is cheaper and nicer Nepal or China?

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1. Posted by roccarva (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y

HI I just came from Bali and loved the Assian culture.. I was wondering which country is nicer and cheaper..Nepal or China? Which has more nature beauty?
Thanks for the advice!

2. Posted by csfreixo (Full Member 83 posts) 11y

hi bud!
nepal is much cheaper! I think it is one of the best value of money of the earth
i dont know much china, only beijing area... but in Nepal you will find fascinating treks and adrenaline sports..
try to go to both! From KTM go to tibet (pass thru the 160 m bungee jump on the nepalese side of the border)....


3. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 11y

Hi travel bug!

I would say take a ride across both of them! As China and Nepal would be in my list

Enjoy your trip!

4. Posted by mahmud (Full Member 247 posts) 11y

Why dont you think for BANGLSDESH? It is very nice as well as very cheap. Here, you can have a nice hotel (with fan & attached bath) only for USD 3.

5. Posted by hupiero (Budding Member 10 posts) 11y

city in China is flourishing,maybe the ones of most flourishing in Asia,such as Hong Kong,Shang Hai and Tai Pei

6. Posted by freak_pat (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y

Going to China is kind of a good idea I think. These days, there are lots of upcoming visitors to China.. meant they go to Beijing, Shanghai and other main cities as China are very big as you know.

As of the fact hearing from a few friends living there, in some cities, you may need to prepare to spend quite quiet night times... but concerning the cultures, China has lots of thing to explore about.
You may find some more info about China that can give you some ideas about China and Chinese people.

Nepal is also nice.. though from China, maybe you can continue to Nepal...or from Nepal,you can continue going to China........
Cheaper could be Nepal I guess but where is nicer...depending on your own interests....

Maybe make a visit to Bangkok... I can assure some good parts and some cheap stuff if you know how to spend ..Cheers! ..

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8. Posted by belleli (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y

China, you can't miss it! It's really very very wonderful!!!

Welcome to China!!!

9. Posted by Lugor79 (Full Member 70 posts) 11y

Did I miss something? Isn't there a Maoist civil war in Nepal right now? How safe is it? Has anyone travelled there recently?

There is a travel advisory for US Citizens (but it references foreigners...)


10. Posted by TAHITI (Budding Member 4 posts) 11y

I prefer Bhutan
it sounds more nature