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is legit?

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1. Posted by emoblak (Budding Member, 6 posts) 15 Oct '05 10:23

The travel packages look great but I just want to make sure the site is real. Has anyone purchased anything from the particular site?

2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru, 3536 posts) 16 Oct '05 16:08

I just joined sky auction and took a look at what is available. I do not know if sky auction is legit, but check the added surcharges. What seems like a good price turns ugly when you add the 'extra fees'.

3. Posted by luvthesun (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 20 Dec '05 17:25

i used sky auction in Aug'05 for a 2 bedroom condo for 1 week. Winning bid was $2, the taxes were $209, together was less than the posted nightly rate and appeared as amazing as the auction showed. Would definitely use them again only as with anything do your research. I read the reviews of this place on TripAdvisor just to be sure.

4. Posted by mally (Respected Member, 199 posts) 21 Dec '05 12:50

what is sky auction?

5. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru, 8468 posts) 21 Dec '05 13:04

6. Posted by pceire32 (Budding Member, 5 posts) 6 Jan '06 17:36

I have bought from Skyauction 10 or more times. I am a single traveller so mostly I have purchased hotel rooms by the night or the week and have done very well.( A lot of the Cruises and packages are double occupancy.) They sell REI timeshare unbooked rooms as well as other hotels rooms. I have purchased several weeks in a nice timeshare for $210 per week ( all taxes and fees included.) . In Mazatlan ( 4 different weeks )These have been one bedroom suites. P. Vallerta ( 1 week). An all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic for $52 per night. A 4 star hotel in Panama for $45 a night. I go to San Felipe Baja Mexico to the San Felipe Resort for a week on the 21st Jan 2006 brand resort. $215 for the week. The site is now getting very popular and some people are bidding way over cost but you still can get deals if you are patient. Read all the fine print it is all on the page and be flexible. Know on average what the cost would be through a travel agent or other site. Track the auctions through the auctionwatch and you will see how it has been selling in the past. This is not a site if you have exact dates to travel. I have purchased my weeks paid and then selected my dates later.
The site has worked with me on problems that I have encountered. I am not promoting this site in anyway just letting you know my experince with it.

7. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru, 3536 posts) 6 Jan '06 22:23

I have now been a member of Sky Auction for a few months now and it is legit. I was not successful with my bids, but was listed as a bidder and came very close to winning several auctions. Be sure you know what the flight/cruise costs before bidding, then you will know if it is a bargain or not.

8. Posted by ddjwms (Budding Member, 2 posts) 18 Jan '06 15:05

We figure that we spent a third of the past year in properties we bought off Skyauction: two cruises and twelve condo weeks. We are retired so we can go on short notice. We often bid a $1 on condos and if we get them, we go; if not, we bid again on something else. We have always been extremely satisfied and have had no problems at all. We were sceptical at first; we couldn't really believe we could be getting that good a deal. We thought there would be some catch or difficulty checking in or something, but no, everything had always gone perfectly smoothly.

As another poster suggested, you do need to read the whole offer carefully. Generally, for condos there is a $195 tax and fee charge, then $20 booking fee, plus whatever you bid. But $216 ($1 bid) for a week in a luxury condo is still a steal. We have stayed twice in Puerto Vallarta, twice in Ft. Lauderdale, twice in Park City, Hilton Head, New Hampshire, Las Vegas, the Texas gulf coast, and San Diego. We are headed to Flagstaff next week. We have stayed in beachfront condos, condos at ski resorts, and luxury condos with in-room Jacuzzis, big screened TV's and fireplaces. We love this site and their bargains.

Only drawback is you take what is available; it doesn't work too well if you must have a certain week in a certain place; you may get lucky, but likely not. But if your destination and/or timeframe is flexible, you can get some real deals!

9. Posted by Maktub (Budding Member, 49 posts) 25 Jan '06 09:27

Just an observation...but is it coincedence that all the praise for skyauction is from 1st time posters?
Except you vegasmike....but then you havent actually used it.

Could there be a sky auction representative in our midsts?
Excuse my cynical mind......

10. Posted by sprintz2 (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 26 Feb '06 19:32

Quoting Maktub

Just an observation...but is it coincedence that all the praise for skyauction is from 1st time posters?
Except you vegasmike....but then you havent actually used it.

Could there be a sky auction representative in our midsts?
Excuse my cynical mind......

Hi,I'm from the prairies of Canada and we used last fall and went on a cruise from Houston.We had a gret time and only $519 cdn each it was pretty cheap.There was some airfare ($234cdn taxes used airmiles)a couple hotel nites and taxis and tips of coarse.We figured it cost us about $2000cdn and we were happy.Sky Auction had a bottle of chilled wine waiting for us in or cabin and gave us $25 on our next trip.We are going to the Dominican Republic with Sky Auction inApril and its going to run about the same about $2000cdn.I'll let you know how smoth it was after I get back........