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ending a relationship in spectacular fashion

Travel Forums Off Topic ending a relationship in spectacular fashion


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21. Posted by jackflash (Inactive 84 posts) 11y

any 1 any ideas how I could raise 5k quickly so that i can jet off and leave my troubles behind

22. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Maybe one of the answers in Travis' thread might work for you... ;)

Quick Cash

23. Posted by riverbank (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y

LOL... Try this for size... How to not give a ****

24. Posted by igetlost (Full Member 89 posts) 11y

it so simple. repeat after me:

"i honestly do not know.seriously they just appeared down there yesterday.i dont think there contagious but they are starting to appear on my hands. and when you squeeze them,boy do they explode!!!!pus everywhere!"

if that doesnt work

"i liked you before you were fat"

25. Posted by Blitz198 (Full Member 99 posts) 11y

The greatest break up line (for a girl breaking up with a boy) "I already have one pussy. I dont need two."

26. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 11y

That's awesome Blitz.

Is the question how do you end a relationship in spectacular fashion?


How do you get over said relationship?

Either way, I say the answer is strippers and booze.

27. Posted by zeisha (Budding Member 715 posts) 11y

End the relationship but dont talk about it.

28. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 11y

Oh Blitz-i so would have loved to have used that one! If i get the chance on this sucker then ive got to give that one a go-by the way he deserves it, it's not be being nasty, trust moi!!

29. Posted by jackflash (Inactive 84 posts) 11y

hey Riverbank... thats good advice, I will grab the world by it's balls and squeeze tight, look after no 1 right!

thanks for that man

Isa - the best way to earn money is not spend what you earn, well I'm screwed for this month...

help me leave this country ppppppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeassssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

30. Posted by zeisha (Budding Member 715 posts) 11y

Hey jackflash whats wrong.Just keep saying to yourself i hate this one ,i hate this one and i hate it and forget about the realtionship.See if this works out.