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dealing with a letdown....

Travel Forums Round the World Travel dealing with a letdown....

1. Posted by tom_kirk (Budding Member 23 posts) 11y

Hey Guys,

Me and a friend have booked A round the world trip for 7 months and are leaving in 2 weeks.....however he told me the other day he can't make it due to lack of money/and he's not sure if he wants to go......its last minute so he's not gonna get much money back for cancelling.

just wanna ask if this has happened to anyone? and how did you deal with it?

i'm definately gonna be going myself....i'm just not sure if i should try and persuade him to come if he doesn't want to or if he's just getting cold feet!....and i never considered going it alone!

any advise on solo travel would be appriciated also


Tom :)

2. Posted by koalabear (Full Member 121 posts) 11y

Try and talk him into it, it's nice to experience things with someone else, especially a friend BUT if he still does't want to go then do it yourself.

You will meets loads of people who are doing the same thing and will be more then glad of a friend even if it's just for a day, If you can handle your own company and are happy with yourself than you'll be grand

i have travelled on my own and found it very liberating and i had left home with two females and i could't wait to get rid of them, they did my head in. I had a much better time meeting new people.

Enjoy whatever your decision is, that's the important thing.

3. Posted by koalabear (Full Member 121 posts) 11y

PS Where are you heading to first? Myself and my other half are off next week for our RTW, we head to japan first then on to thailand ...

4. Posted by Scrotum (Budding Member 23 posts) 11y

Bummer man.

This is why i do any travel alone, i simple do not trust people. Just go, havefun, and dont worry about it. If the guy/girl decided to "suddenly" change his/her mind in the last minute, i would´nt trust him for the world anymore. Just state your disapointment about not letting you know in advance as this changes your plans quite a deal. Lack of responsibility in my eyes.

In any case, have fun on your trip. :)


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