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Singapore in Chinese New Year

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1. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Does anyone know if it is a wise idea to go to Singapore during the Chinese New Year? I am just afraid that if I go during that time, it will be ghost town there and that would definitely suck...


2. Posted by danalasta (Respected Member 519 posts) 11y

Hey, Singapore is too much of a shopping attraction to become a ghost city during the CNY...Dont forget, they have to cater for malaysians who cross over to shop as it is also public holiday there...u can expect sentosa and the orchard road, etc to packed...the traditional shoplots, hawkers centres, and office blocks may be closed...not the tourist areas!


3. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Hey Dana
Thanks for your reply..its a relief to know that at least the tourist areas will not be closed....i dont want to end up in the hotel durin gthe first three days of the CNY festival...

4. Posted by medellia (Budding Member 9 posts) 11y

Well hello,

Some shops do close on the first day of Chinese New Year, but in recent years most places open by the second day of Chinese New Year.
Just in case you'd like more information about shopping in Singapore, you can visit the following links for more information.

In fact, if you can come down earlier and join in the various activities/events available during this period, it'd be even better.

Remember that Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, so even if you do find yourself here without the Chinese in sight, you can head down to Little India or Geylang Serai where you'll surely find some life there about. Heh.

If you need more information or anything pertaining to Singapore, let me know how i can help ok?

God bless,

5. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for the shopping tips. Do you know what are good buget hotels in Singapore. We were thinking of staying at the YMCA International Hostel. Not sure if this is a good place.
Let me know if you know of any good places. I am thinking of staying in either Chinatown or on Orchard Road.


6. Posted by medellia (Budding Member 9 posts) 11y

I think that's quite a good place to stay, because it's in the central location and right beside a train station. There are some renovation works going around that area though so hopefully you won't find it difficult to figure your way around.

If you're considering budget, here are some other suggestions:


God bless,

7. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Thanks Amelia for the suggestions, but I am leaning more towards the YMCA. But before I make that final decision, does anyone know which is better?? YMCA or the YWCA at Fort Canning Road???