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No costs ATM Nationwide Bank credit card.

Travel Forums General Talk No costs ATM Nationwide Bank credit card.

1. Posted by jackboy (Inactive 350 posts) 11y

Nationwide Bank state their is no cost when you draw money at ATMs anywhere in the WORLD using their credit card.
"Can anyone verify this" as it was on another thread but I cannot find it.
I will be starting a 4 month Asia trip end of Dec so still time to get a card as the ripoff by banks for drawing money abroad is disgusting.
Many Thanks

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Generally the 'free withdrawal' cards are nice because the costs aren't as obvious. That said, the banks just add an extra cent to the exchange rate and you can end up paying more per withdrawal... and probably with this card that is exactly what happens! Check on the actual exchange rates they're using and then decide.

3. Posted by jackboy (Inactive 350 posts) 11y

Chao,(Maltese for Thanks),I will check a Nationwide Bank manyanna.
al de bes

4. Posted by J9travels (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

The Nationwide Flex Account doesn't charge you a fee for using their debit card abroad or for using cash machines.

Their credit card is also commission free - most cards charge an extra fee just for you to use the card abroad (Barclaycard charges you 2.75% just for using it to buy something abroad)

5. Posted by jackboy (Inactive 350 posts) 11y

Chao for tha,too busy today but hopefully manyanna.
al de bes

6. Posted by loubylou (Travel Guru 664 posts) 11y

Hey Jackboy,

Here is the thread you were looking for. Nationwide is indeed the way to go!


7. Posted by jackboy (Inactive 350 posts) 11y

Chao Donna
I made to Nationwide today and got their paperwork for a credit card but will check out their flexi manyanna.
You can draw money from any Visa ATM abroad and not get charged on their credit card but their flexi really sounds the part.
Many Thanks
al de bes