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1. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 11y

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Could someone please help me, I would like to know if there are any restrictions during Easter that would affect tourism. Things like - transport, attractions, cafes' restaurants etc. are they closed or do they have limited opening hours.

I will be in Italy during Easter 2006. Actually I expect to be in Rome on Easter Friday!. Also, is Easter Tuesday a Holiday too?
Thanks Mario

2. Posted by agnez (Full Member 19 posts) 11y

Hi Mario, here's Agnez from Italy.

The employess usually have vacation only for Saturday/Sunday and Monday.
Holy Thursday and Holy Friday are working days.
The school close since Holy Friday and students go back to classes in Tuesday after Easter.
(But remember in Italy our National Day is April 25: sometimes Easter vacations and NAtional Day vacation are united...)

For transportations: no problems, working days at all.

Tourist attractions such as museums, exibitions, archeological places usually are open in Saturday, sometimes closed in Easter Sunday and Monday (but there's not one common rule: better to check one by one attractions on the web).

Hotels and restaurants are open in any day, in some city you will find the bad habits to practice high prices for the same rooms and services. Try to book very in advance for Easter in Rome, Naples, Pompei and Florence: not easy to find last minutes accomodations, the cities are plenty of italians tourists too.


3. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 11y

Grazie for your conscise reply - I really appreciate it. Ciao Mario

4. Posted by Maloney 4 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y

Hello Mario,

I see that Agnes has replied in great detail to your request as coming from a city (Dublin)and living in London I avoid cities like the plague when on holiday and consequently have never been to Rome.

One thing I can say however is when it comes to accommodation and street markets haggle like hell to get the best deal and you will be more appreciated.

Hoping you have a great holiday.

Stephen Mc Evoy.

5. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 11y

Thanks Stephen,
I'll keep the haggling advise in mind. My wife will love that, she's good at haggling & bargaining. Cheers - Mario