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Planning a trip to Kiwi -Rotorua

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Planning a trip to Kiwi -Rotorua

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1. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Hey fellow travellers,

I am planning on a trip to Kiwi, which will consist of going to Auckland and then to Rotorua.
Just wanted to know if anyone knows what is the best and cheapest way of going from Auckland to Rotorua.
Also, when in Rotorua, what are the must see and do? We are thinking of going to Hell's Gate for the mud bath. Does anyone know if this is worth going and whether there are shuttle services from Rotorua to Hell's Gate??

Sorry I know I am asking alot but I have one last question and that is what type of transportation (is bus or metro) do they have in Rotorua? We will not be driving..
Thanks for all of your help..wracking my brains out trying to plan this trip...haa haa


2. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Please anyone..anyone with any ideas???

3. Posted by soliqa (Respected Member 284 posts) 11y

Hi Jooky,

I'm no New Zealand expert but I did plan a trip a couple of years ago, but actually going never came to fruition. From what I remember from my research Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve got mentioned quite a few times.

That's about the extent of my knowledge, except maybe that Magic Bus does that route!


4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4890 posts) 11y

I really didn't like Rotorua - it stinks, both literally and figurely (too commercialized/fake-touristy maori "culture", backpacker "activities" and parties that I had no interest whatsoever in, and a very boring grid layout for the city reminding me more of the bad parts of the USA than of New Zealand as I'd gotten to know it) - but probably the nicest thermal activity area nearby would be Wai-o-Tapu. I think it's safe to assume that you can find a tour or twenty to bring you there from Rotorua.

Bus is probably the cheapest way to get there, where Intercity buses are the standard way to get around, although there might be a regional bus that'll get you there cheaper (ask at a visitor's information center (at the bottom of the skytower in Auckland)), though depending on with how many other people you're traveling, renting a car might work out more cheaply.

5. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Hey Sander,
Thanks for the info...the intercity bus link definitely helps me out a least I know how to get there from Auckland now..

Are there bus service or other forms of transportation (besides a car) available in Rotorua?? We were actually thinking of going to Hell's Gate?? Do they have tours to go there?


6. Posted by Flyin_Kiwi (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y

Hi Jooky,

Rotorua is a fantastic place to visit. It does smell in a literal sense due to the Sulphur (it is worse on a foggy or wet day).

Whakarewerewa is brilliant for Maori culture demonstrations.

You can find out more about Rotorua here.

Sander is right about the Wai-o-tapu thermal reserve. But there are plenty to choose from.
I would also take in the buried village and the blue & green lakes which are nearby.

Anyway,,that Rotorua (Rottenrua) website should give you just about everything you need to know about the place. If there is something that you can't find, give me a holler :)

Cheers,,and enjoy NZ


7. Posted by Flyin_Kiwi (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y

oh,,and while you are there, be sure to do the luge its just the best fun.


8. Posted by kiwimuzz (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y is the site.
It is on the main tour routes and has many attractions.
The city isn't that big and you can walk to Whakarewarewa from the centre.
If you get a chance take a trip up to the Tarawera chasms.

9. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 11y

Quoting Flyin_Kiwi

oh,,and while you are there, be sure to do the luge its just the best fun.


I second that the luge is great.Also a great place to stay is in a hostel called the Funky Green Voyager.

10. Posted by jooksing (Full Member 48 posts) 11y

Hey Rod (Flying Kiwi)

I am having trouble on figuring out how to go about the places in Rotorua...from the website link you sent me, it doesnt seem to have any detailed info on transport in the city of Rotorua...I also noticed that most of the suggested places are located just outside of the city of Rotorua...
Is joining local tours the only way to get to see these places such as the Wai-o-tapu and the blue and green lakes??? Any advice is greatly appreciated...