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cheap flights to SA

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1. Posted by Nat (Budding Member, 27 posts) 5 Dec '05 14:21

im looking into flying into lima and out of rio with 3months travel between. the cheapest quote iv had so far is £641 with sta travel, but still i wouldnt class this as cheap..? i want to travel early april so does anyone know if it would be better to wait and book early in the new year for a cheaper price or book now incase theres a price climb?

any info would be great,
thanks, Nat

2. Posted by hednorth (Budding Member, 31 posts) 6 Dec '05 15:39

Hey Nat!
Try to see if there are cheaper flights online...although that makes it harder to fly in and out of different cities/countries. I had to pay more than that for a return ticket to Buenos Aires, but then again I live in an expensive country. Most people say prices won`t go down if you wait. compares some of the prices.
-H :)