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Uploading Pics While Backpacking

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Uploading Pics While Backpacking

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1. Posted by gezred (Budding Member 53 posts) 11y

Hi, I know I'm going to be taking loads of pics when I'm travelling (probably bore eveyone to death back home!)

Anyway, is it possible to upload pics in internet cafes or Hostels? Alternativley are there many places that have wireless? (taking my laptop so could connect)

Cheers for any advice,

Lynz x

2. Posted by Veann (Budding Member 4 posts) 11y

I plan on dumping my pics onto my ipod. It's small, you only need a cable, and you've got all your tunes with you at the same time!

: )

3. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 11y

Global Gossip are probably the most digi-images user friendly internet cafes.

4. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 11y

personaly i wont bother uploading the image, that was my plan before i left, but to actual upload images (say 1 Mb each), takes ages in internet cafes.

Your better off getting a decent size memory card, say 512Mb, then fill that up and have them burnt to CD (I did two copies, then if the CD got lost in the post, you dont lose your images, because you would of wiped the memory card after burning the CD).

Then family and friends can watch them at home on the PC or DVD player

5. Posted by ernie (Full Member 33 posts) 11y

id have to agree with fimbria25, its cheap and easy to put them on a disc, but if you only have a smaller memory card i might make 2 copies and keep them in different places or even send one home or someplace safe.

6. Posted by jem21 (Full Member 31 posts) 11y

one word for you - GLOBAL GOSSIP!


GLOBAL GOSSIP ROCKS. maybe www/ ( i think)

have fun

7. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 11y

I found that it was always possible to find somewhere to upload my photos from - most Internet cafes do it though it can be a bit overpriced.

I wouldn't bank on finding wireless internet access everywhere.

8. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Although possible to upload your pics from quite a few internet cafes (GG being the chain version, but most will do this), I wouldn't recommend this unless it's just a few pictures here and there or you have resized them down to internet sizes (ie. no more than 100 kb) or else you could be sitting there twiddling your thumbs for 10 minutes while you upload a 3 MB pic... (plus it'll cost you in terms of storage if you leave the pics too big). I actually resize all the pics I upload on Travellerspoint, even though I'm on a fast internet connection and size of individual pics isn't an issue with the gallery here.

I'd go with Fimbria25 and Ernie's advice of the memory card to CD option if you're planning to keep them full size. Then again, if you're travelling with your laptop you could just keep them on that and burn the CD's yourself (provided your laptop'll do this). Your only problem in this case is the laptop getting nicked and you not having a backup of your pics :(

9. Posted by leanneh (Budding Member 59 posts) 11y

I've uploaded mine lots of times - as long as you get somewhere with a fairly high speed connection it doesnt take that long. I just leave them uploading and get on with whatever else im doing online. I uploaded about 100 today in less than an hour. I used the kodak gallery website as its easy to share your pics with people at home too. its or .com for the UK or US site. Ive used it to order some pics and send them home too which is quite good.

Global Gossip is a good place for doing it as its pretty quick there.


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