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Women in Buenos Aires

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1. Posted by Heikooo (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y

hello everybody!

this one goes out to all the travellers who have been to buenos aires and to the senoritas of this city:


to explain the reason of my question, i'm living since 2 years in singapore where you meet all asian cultures and where i learned that asian women in general are open minded towards (foreign) men, and i'm NOT talking here about the sex tourism!
now i came to b.a. to celebrate new year and to start my journey through argentina. after having spent a little while in this city i realized its flooded with natural beautiful women, unbelievable! BUT to get in contact with them, or just to get a single smile from their lips seems to be impossible. dont get me wrong, i'm not shy neither ugly i can say, have good manners and know how to treat a woman, further i'm not the kind of guy who tries to get lucky for the night but slowly i'm loosing hope to get the chance to have just a pleasant chitchat with one of b.a.'s women.

can anybody explain to me why they/you are like this?

i'm pleased to hear with your comments to understand this phenomenon and to discover the secret how to win in b.a. a woman's attention.


2. Posted by Macachae (Full Member 240 posts) 11y

mmmm I have to tell you it´s the popular complaint I here since I returned to my country.
Probably there are reasons like "is a pose"... "they are snoby" and so on... I think all human being is different! and they pretend the men who want to "win their heart" have to work hard... or probably they don´t want a man!!! who knows!!!
keep trying :-)
But let me tell you... I have problem to find a muchacho for me too they´re difficult too, they don´t know how to start o They over do (you know what I mean)

3. Posted by Spyda (Budding Member 23 posts) 11y

Hmm i find the language barrier always a bit of a problem.. just brush up on your spanish approach them in a club or whatever and say "hey beautiful" in Spanish im sure that'll get a response or just talk to them whatever.. they might seem unapproachable but nothing should stop you saying something to them.. you're a foreigner you've got something exotic and different to them so go for it! Im off to BA at the end of April after Brazil and yea i've heard good reports about the women, meant to be amazing.

4. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

Argentinians have basically a sophisticated European culture and are not as casual as Latins in more tropical countries, in fact Argentinian men like to travel to Brazil to meet women for the same reason. If you speak Spanish, dress well, have manners and know people in Argentina and are introduced around you'll have fewer problems. What many young travelers do not realize is that Latins in general are far more formal than North Americans/Europeans, especially in the cities. If you arrive in Mexico City, Lima or Buenos Aires with dreadlocks, unshaven, a backpack best head on to the Beach or Mountain resorts or to the tourist destinations. Of course remember if you meet an Argentinian woman you'd best be in a nice hotel and figure in dinner and dancing etc. in your budget. PS Per capita Buenos Aires has the largest number of psychologists and psychiatrists of any city on earth..very cosmopolitan with large Italian, British, Jewish and German-Argentinian population, however for some reason, people who live here get very depressed.

5. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 11y

B.A. is a place you need to know people otherwise it can be lonely.

Luckily I know to speak some spanish and have an Argentinean friend. She introduced me to all her friends and from there I never had any problems.

But I disagree with you. I found people in B.A. in general very friendly indeed, men and women. It helps if you know Spanish.

Also I was teaching English in B.A. and this helped me make more friends as well.

6. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

I lived in B.A. a long time ago, the people are very friendly, of course I had distant relatives and friends there and was introduced around, I was responding to the original post, not to you (I've lived 23 years in Latin America) many young travelers don't realize the big cities in L.A. are not as casual as say a beach resort, we used to laugh in Mexico City (7600 feet above sea level) when the tourists would arrive with beach shirts and shorts in January and walk out into 5C. (42F) temps in the evening. I belong to a forum online about Central and South America where you can get all the info. you need on Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, etc. from bi lingual natives including photo galleries, places to stay, transportation and travel tips..they are very very friendly...however B.A. has a lot of psychiatrists..check it out..per capita more than New York City or Los angeles! Argentinians are considered creidos or prepotentes by some other Latins, as Costa Ricans are considered the same by many of the rest of Central Americans..the only thing I dislike of both these countries (I am a historian Meso America - Mundo Maya) is that they practically destroyed the indingenous people and cultures there years ago..many in Argentina consider themselves more European than European..their schtick.."life in the tropics"

7. Posted by Macachae (Full Member 240 posts) 11y

the only thing I dislike of both these countries (I am a historian Meso America - Mundo Maya) is that they practically destroyed the indingenous people and cultures there years ago..many in Argentina consider themselves more European than European..

That is a pity but is true, because in main cities such B.A. there are a big concentration of European descendent...
Please don´t Argentine is all like B.A. that is a big mistake!!
So woman are not the same too.

I have to say You post a good topic and one of the popular question...

8. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

Cordoba and Mendoza in Argentina, for example, are smaller cities and much more casual and friendly than B.A. people are more relaxed and down to earth. Yes B.A. is the Paris of Latin America and a beautiful place to be, but like the D.F. in México, Lima in Peru, Santiago de Chile, Rio or San Paulo in Brasil or New York, Chicago or LA in the US, these big cities can wear one down (as well as one's budget) in a short while. Lots of smaller cities require qualified English teachers, where one does not need commute 4 hours a day backa nd forth. A friend once started and ran a worldwide translation-language teaching agency from Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

9. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 11y

On my travels around Argentina I found the friendliest places to be Mendoza, Rosario, Mar Del Plata and Salta. Buenos Aires was not bad becuase I knew people there. When you have contacts anywhere in the world it will always be easier for you to find a place more friendly and naturally meet more people.

Funnily enough I found the Cordobans in Argentina to be more unfriendly than the portenos.

I guess everyones experience of a place is different depending on who you know and what type of experiences you have.

10. Posted by joyxxx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

argentinian girls are HOT!