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1. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 11y

Hi all,

Just a quick question, has anyone travel via Inter-Rail ( winter (Feb-March)before?
I am planning to travel at the end of 25thFeb - 7thMarch from


I have only 10 days to spare? Do you think spending 2 nights in each city will do? Can anyone tell how long the journey takes in between the city, coz' if it's long hour I can plan to overnite in train instead in the hostel then.

Kindly please advise. Much appreciate!

London ;)

2. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 11y

hey there
ur route seems kinda off - sSlzburg then Vienna THEN back thru Austria to Geneva THEN back to Zurich?

Ude be better off with a London to Vienna (Ryanair) then hit Salzburg - Zurich then Geneva. otherwise ur crossing thru cities and backtracking in a diaganol mess of train trips.

3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 11y

and honestly - Geneva is not so good - the best part of Swiss are the small towns in the center.

4. Posted by Desiree (Inactive 157 posts) 11y

by train, doesn't it take you only 10 days to travel just to those cities?

5. Posted by Desiree (Inactive 157 posts) 11y



zurich geneva, 3 hours

on this dutch website, you can fill in from where to where you want to go.

van = from
naar = to
via = via
datum = date
tijd - time
fiets mee - bicycle with?
ja - yes
nee - no
vertrek - leaving (date)
aankomst - arrival

6. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 11y

Hi all,

Thanks for some of the information.
I am still getting confuse of which town to stop by.
And it's kind of difficult to plan how many nights on certain town within this 10days.

And also the duration time for a train to travel from a town to another. If I could know the schedule and availability of overnight train or etc, it'll makes life easier.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

Nick ;)

7. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 11y

After much thinking... I've decided to switch it to another Zone which consist of Italy, Slovenia, Turkey and Greece. Which is muich warmer
However, I'm only planning to tour around Italy.

I'll be touching down in Milan and planning to spend 2 nights on each city; Milan-->Venice-->Florence-->Pisa-->Rome-->Milan.

My problem now is, I couldn't find the train journey schedule from the net and how long normally the journey will take from:

Milan-->Venice = ?
Venice-->Florence = ?
Pisa-->Rome = ?
Rome-->Milan = ?

Appreciate if someone could help? :(


Nick ;)

8. Posted by reddy (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y

take a look at
you can find all the timetables there.
Italy is not so big country (at least in my opinion and comparing to Russia for example) and also you're planing to travel around the central and norhten part of it, so everything should be in not more that 3-4 hours distanse:)

enjoy Italia, it's 1 of the best countries I've been to:)))

9. Posted by elliot_aus (Full Member 61 posts) 11y

you wont need two days for milano - it is dirty and disgusting - spend more time in somewhere like rome where there is alot more to do and stuff.

in italy they have two or three types of tickets - the IR - or interregionale - and the ES - EuroStar. ES is more expensive but quicker. and IR is Slower (not by much tho) but can be up to 50% cheaper!

10. Posted by Erling (Inactive 1 posts) 11y

Hello! :)

I'm going on interrail this summer, in the UK, France, Belgium and Netherlands. Just wondering if there is anything particular you guys would recommend?