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would you come to bush alaska in the winter?

Travel Forums North America would you come to bush alaska in the winter?

1. Posted by alaskanman (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y

alaskanman has indicated that this thread is about USA

how many of you would like to visit bush alaska for ice fishing and snowmachine riding? this morning temp was -10 F and we still have 3' of ice the temps get higher after sunrise of course, 10F or so and great snow for riding!

2. Posted by leahrb (Full Member 209 posts) 12y

I would :)
I grew up in Alaska and I love "snowmaching" My brother sister and I used to go for hours straight (usually pulling sled behind). I put snowmaching in quotations becuase I now unfortunately live in Wisconsin and I've had to change snowmachine to snowmobile because if I say snowmachine people think I am talking about the machines that make snow on the ski hills :)
As far as temps go, I go to school in Minnesota and we had a lot colder temps than that for most of the winter...

3. Posted by alaskanman (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y

cool, where did you live in ak? i'm in the Southwest, Bristol Bay area. we had -27F this morning! i'm wondering if i should expand my to include winter trips but am not sure. thanks for the reply!

4. Posted by leahrb (Full Member 209 posts) 12y

I grew up in Wasilla and went to school in Anchorage.

I think that it would be worth it to offer some winter trips. I'm living in the Midwest now and quite a few people talk about wanting to go to Alaska for vacation.
I don't think winter trips would be really popular because it's rarer to vacation in the winter and it would probably be a quite expensive trip for most people.
I don't really know enough about your business to know...


5. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 12y

Hello hello. Alaska has some great stuff during the winter time.

I grew up there too. Grew up in Anchorage, then lived in the Seward area (Moose Pass) for a while.

Fur Rondy in Anchorage is always a good time, just a lot of people I know that have visited during the winter time up there get turned off by the dark and the cold.

6. Posted by alaskanman (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y

thanks for the replys LeahRB and IMonaghan. good info to consider. i was thinking the end of march and first couple weeks of april for "winter" tours since we get around 12 hours of daylight now and the temps are usually warmer than what we're having now! lol, this morning had -32F which is pretty unusual.