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need some good help-trip to europe and cheap accomodation

Travel Forums Europe need some good help-trip to europe and cheap accomodation

1. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 11y

hey all,

any and all advice,tips, etc etc for this question would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone in these areas has any cheap accomodation fo me let me know.

Im planning a trip to london,england through to rome etc on september 2nd 2006. We will be spending th first night in london. The second day will be spent going through to paris via euororail. We will spend probably around 5 days in paris then head to florence for about 2 days then rome for maybe 4 days then venice for couple days then back to paris then england to fly home(canada). im just wondering if anyone in any of these cities has any appartments for me to rent. Also if anyone know of any good locations of hotels or hostels with private rooms in any o fthese cities. also just general travelling tips etc etc etc since this is my first real trip with my wife. thanks alot guys


2. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 11y


From Paris (Gare du Nord) there are several direct trains to Italy. There is a night train where you can sleap in but also normal trains are very nice. There is also a very fast train (like the TGV) to Italy. All these trains go to south-east France and through Switzerland to Italy. I took the sleep train from Paris to Bologna. I left Paris at 19:00 and was at 06:30 in Bologna. On my way back I took the fast train and wich left Milano at 10:00 and was 17:00 in Paris. Training through the mountain area is very nice. If you want I can send you my website adress where you can see pictures of these travels.

Another nice way to travel is taking a normal train of the TGV from Paris to the south of France (Marseille or Nice) and then a nice train along the mediterainin coast to Italy. This trip will take longer but is also very nice.

Don't forget to enjoy your holiday,

Kind regards,


3. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 11y

oops.. mistake made by me :

Trains from Paris to Italy do not leave from Gare du Nord but from Gare du Bercy !!

4. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 11y

thanks and yes i would love to see your website


5. Posted by elliot_aus (Full Member 61 posts) 11y

a REALLY good hostel in Rome is the Freedom Traveller Hostel - a SHORT walk from the rome train station. If you are staying here - they organise pub crawls and stuff like that - AND we went to an awesome club and had THE BEST italian food on a bar tour! - the guide was AMAZING!(They dont get paid - so you better tip them!)

if that is full - try the sandy hostel - it isnt as nice - but it is cheaper - and not bad accomm.

when travelling on the train through italy - trenitalia is the place to look at - we just rocked up at ticket counters the morning we wanted to travel - and booked our tix for where we wanted to go. regarding tickets - The Eurostar is the more expensive option - but is quicker - the cheaper option is an inter regionale ticket - which takes longer coz it stops at more places but it isnt too much more expensive!

rome is def. one of my favourite cities in the world

6. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 11y

thanks alot for the replies. Another question is can you guys tell me a couple of attractions that are a MUST see when in these following places:Paris,Rome,Venice,Florence?? thank you again. Also which site other then this one is great for this kind of info with pictures and such?:)

7. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 11y

My travel pictures from the Netherlands via Belgium, France and Italy to Greece you can see on

and the return pictures you can see on

Must see's in these great city's ?? Well Paris is a real big city but ofcourse you can't miss the Eifel-tower and a boat trip on the river Seine is very nice.

Rome, Venice and Florence I've never been there but if you just take a look on the internet you will find a lot of interesting places to go.

Kind regards,


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