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1. Posted by George (Full Member 40 posts) 12y

Hey All

I need a couple of reasons why hitch'n in south america is safe. My travel mate is a little tenitive about the idea, but I'm sure a few sucessful hitching stories would help her to loosen up a bit. Feel free to tell me the bad stories too, if there are any, and I'll keep those to myself. (kidding) Thanks to anyone with a story,


ps: No worries Rach

2. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 12y

You have more money than most people who take the bus but expect a free ride?
Busses are cheap and go everywhere sooner or later.
Plus even if someone normal picks you up you'll be expected to offer some cash.
It's not at all safe-forget the idea.

3. Posted by George (Full Member 40 posts) 12y

Okay, thanks for the advice. What would you say is an average bus ticket price? Also, have you had a bad experience hitchhiking, or have you mainly just heard bad stories through the grapevine?

4. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 12y

I've been to South America twice-just returned from spending most of February in Colombia.

I haven't hitchhiked in SA but am an experienced hitcher having done the cross Canada trip twice and all of southern BC where I live.

As to bus prices-where are you going?
From where?
First or second class?
How much Spanish/Portuguese do you speak?

Sounds to me like you need a decent guidebook-Footprints or one of the Rough Guides.

Nebulous plans and little cash are a bad combo in South America-a huge place with a lot to offer but nonetheless a tiring place to travel for the unprepared.

BTW-if it's a cheap welcoming place you want seriously consider Colombia.
Towering mountains, lush jungles, endless gorgeous beaches and delicious food make Colombia a gem.The security situation is much better than either Ecuador or Peru.
Have a look at my pics for a preview of some of what's on offer.