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I know its way in the future but OZ in 2007?:D

Travel Forums Travel Companions I know its way in the future but OZ in 2007?:D

1. Posted by StephUK85 (Budding Member 26 posts) 10y


I know this is waaayy in the future but i figure the more notice the more time people have to think about it :D. Im planning on going to Australia in January of next year and staying for 6 months- a year. The guy im meant to be going with is undecided and is adamant if he does go it will only be till June . Im new to this so dont know how this companion thing works but if anyone is going to be in Australia then? Or has advice on going there or advice about meeting people to go travelling with then id be happy for you to throw it my way

2. Posted by nickla (Respected Member 223 posts) 10y

Hi there,

Im going to be living in Japan for a year starting in march and am planning on doing some travelling afterwards. Going to start off in Asia and work my way down to Aus and NZ. Thinking of starting travelling in early April, going thru Asia in Apr and the start of May and then going to Aus and NZ in late may June time. Not sure of itinery or anything yet, just starting to think of what i may want to do and where i want to go.

Have you got ne specific plans yet?


3. Posted by StephUK85 (Budding Member 26 posts) 10y

Hey Nicola,

I posted a thing on the other forum about 2007 travels but incase you dont see that il explain here too . My plans at the min are to go out to Australia in January of next year and basically travel all along the East Coast. Id like to live and work permanently in Australia one day so im probably going to use the trip to suss out which place i like best . I was thinking of taking part in a work travel programme, basically what it says, i work while im out there to fund the travelling. There's so many things i want to do while im there though, including learning how to surf.......although il have to learn how to swim properly first!. What are your plans for when you reach OZ? Work? Fun? Both?


4. Posted by sunset07 (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

Hi Steph!

Im off to Oz in March 07.... a little like yourself i guess, too excited!!!!!

My boyfriend & i fly into sydney on March 21st & are planning on working our way up the east coast(for a yr)? We are both 22 & want to meet as many people as poss.

We have friends over there at the mo whom are in a similar situation to urself! Gemma went out to oz 6 months previous to Jonny (her boyfriend!).... i personally didnt think the arrangement would work! But they are both really happy and loving every min!

Take care