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Most Photogenic Country in Each Continent.

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1. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 11y

Hi friends,
I have 2-3 weeks to travel around the world. And my trip is in November 2006 (From my experience, this is not the best time to travel RTW :( - monsoon, chilly etc,

Can you do me a favour ? :) I'll go to all continents within 2 to3 weeks(except Artics & Antartics) and choose to visit 1 country on each continent. Please suggest me the most photogenic country on each continent. Photogenic in term of its people, culture, old architecture, colourful life/building and scenery. I'm not fancy new culture and new building/technology :) even I'm still young :)

These are countries that pop up in my mind at the moment.

(A)-Asia- (except Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Myanmar - I've visited these countries)
1. India ?

1. Egypt ?

(C)-Europe (except France/Netherland/Italy/Poland/Germany/Austria/Slovakia/Hungary/Luxembourg/Poland/Czech Republic-I've been here)-
1. Spain ?

(D) -America-
1. Mexico

(E)-Oceania- (except Australia/New Zealand - I was there last year)
1. ?

Please help me.

Thank you.

2. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 11y

Now I've not travelled anywhere near as widely as a lot of people on this website, but the most photogenic country I've been to was without a doubt India.

Everywhere I looked there were scenes to take photos of, and all my best photos were from India. I really don't think I'm much of a photographer, but since a few of my India photos were good enough to be featured on the TP India Photo Gallery, there must be something in it!

3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 11y

Can't help with Africa, but here's my opinion on the others.

A) Asia - Japan (haven't been anywhere, but it has been a highlight for me from a photography point of view particularly)

C) Europe - hmm, you already have a pretty substantial list there.. I've been noticing a LOT of nice photos from Croatia, might be worth adding. Though I agree Spain is also a good choice!

D) Americas (combining North and South I guess ) - Don't discount the US for photography! There's plenty of beautiful national parks and some rather unique people too at times! It's a very diverse country in its landscape. Canada is also very photogenic (particularly in fall), but the scenery doesn't change as quickly as some areas of the US I've been to. I'd probably rather visit Canada or Mexico from a travel point of view though. I haven't been to South America yet, but have seen some nice photos from Peru among others.

E) Oceania - well, I think you knocked out the most photogenic one in New Zealand already, so you're making it a little hard. The pictures that have impressed me most in the Pacific have been from Pulau. Beautiful islands, lovely water - standard paradise stuff ;)

4. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 11y

Thanks ClaraLiz and Peter for your idea.

I have made a choice. And now I will post it in Travel Around The World forum.

Thanks. Your opinion is much appreciated.


5. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 11y

Thanks guy,

your advice are much appreciated.

And now I have decided.
1. India
2. Egypt
3. Portugal
4. Mexico
5. Korea

in 16 days :)

Thank you very much.

6. Posted by Zoom (Full Member 131 posts) 11y

Dear Padris, I agree with your list EXCEPT i would replace Korea with Japan (especially Kyoto) from a photogenic POV. I've been doing Travel Photography for decades - over 80 countries. Korea's not bad but Japan is much better. Bon Voyage, Zoom

7. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 11y

Based on your experience Mark, I agree with you but I might go to Korea first for this trip, because it is cheaper to be there :)

Not finalise yet, maybe end up with Japan.

Thanks Mark (Zoom)

8. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 11y

Quoting Pradis

Based on your experience Mark, I agree with you but I might go to Korea first for this trip, because it is cheaper to be there :)

Cheaper? I don't think so. Seoul is just as expensive and I doubt you'll find other Korean cities considerably cheaper.

I agree with those who said Japan is photogenic. I certainly took a lot of pics there.

9. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 10y

Thanks to summer910, Zoom, Peter and Clarabell,

your input is very helpful. My journey is going to start soon, in November.


10. Posted by verz (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

I am not being a patriote over here at the moment, but let me say Morocco would be the best to get into in Africa.

You have the sahara (Desert), the mountains, the snow, the valleys, the archaelogical websites, and many hstorical websites, and all this can be cisited throughout the year, any time.

Hope this helps,