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What did you buy today?

Travel Forums Off Topic What did you buy today?

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201. Posted by abcdf (Full Member 557 posts) 10y

A salad. It had avocados, crisp chicken, tomatoes and cheese. Except I dont like sharp cheddar on my salad too bitter for moi. All in all it was excellent. The portion was out of control but at least it was filling.

202. Posted by cruisegirl (Respected Member 244 posts) 10y

A roxy zip-up hoody, and Roxy "nantucket" shoes....

Yep, i work in a clothing store ;)

Oh, and a bagel for lunch

203. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

My youngest daughter needed 2 pair of pants, a skirt, 2 polo shirts, and a book bag. I threw in s pack of socks. The middle daugher only got socks. (today wasn't her turn) I got myself a pair of cheap slip on shoes. Today was a negative day...I spent more than I made. I hate those days!

204. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

I had an expensive day (well, cheap compared to what i was spending but expensive for the UK).
Taxi from airport £12
Lunch £5
Taxi from the hotel to town. £9
Dinner £39
Drinks £85

always tell a good night, I've got lots £1 coins
and the head is thumping just a little bit ;)

205. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

Sounds like you had a smashing time! ;)
(take two asprins and a multi-vit, then sleep! )

206. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 10y

Quoting loubylou

Quoting Q-Tip

1 broomstick, package of 5 wire interconnects, 14 #4 bolts, 2 0.5" bolts.....

Making a flying broomstick?

A bit more "flash" than that....hehehehehehe.....

207. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 10y

Wow! I've just bought a computer!!!

No longer do I have to borrow other people's computers to get on TP.

Looks like pretty soon I'll be joining the 1000+ posts club.

I've now spent over a grand this week!!! My car has cost me a small fortune on insurance, MOT and repairs. I'm going to have to try and live on lentils for the next few months......

And I owe my parents £17 for phonecalls to Melbourne. Oops.

208. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

I've got a service on the motorbike and MOT.
Got my AMEX bill - £960 !"!!!!!! - ouch

209. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 10y

two cd's, birthday card & funny balloons for friend, easter eggs for family, tracksuit for kickboxing (my gym one will probably fall apart soon),

210. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

Service and MOT for the motorbike £265
Lunch - salad £1.96
pint of guinness £2.70 - this is going up 10p today

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