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Everglades,FL - Advice needed please! :)

Travel Forums North America Everglades,FL - Advice needed please! :)

1. Posted by Jayla (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y

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Hi this is my first post here so please go easy on me!

I'm planning a 4 month trip to the USA this summer and really interested in taking in the everglades national park. i didnt get to do it last year due to the hurricaines restricting travel in that area of the country.

The advice i need is basically how to get there/seeing the park. I'll be coming from Miami Beach, are there buses that go up to the park campsites? I don't drive so i'm relying 100% on public transport

are there tours? possibly ones that pickup/drop off from the miami area?

I've done some google searching but so far I've found nothing worth it, please help me!



2. Posted by squash6462 (Inactive 23 posts) 11y

Hi Jayla,

Where are you going to be staying in Miami beach? I really recommend the Clay Hotel (it's also a hostel, They offer a tour to the Everglades as well for $39.

I've stayed at the hostel and it's awsome. It's located right in the middle of South Beach just blocks from the ocean.

I haven't taken the tour, I've just noticed the info on their website, but I'm sure you could email them and find out more.

Good Luck


3. Posted by rebmamber (Respected Member 40 posts) 11y

Good advice on the Clay Hotel, nice place.
I have seen the tour buses to the Everglades, but not sure if they take you to the park. The Everglades Park has a good website, google it!
Bring you bug spray!