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Where to go and do in bali

Travel Forums Asia Where to go and do in bali

1. Posted by naraloca (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y

I know this is a very general question.
I have 12 days in Bali. And the lonely planet says too many things. I would love to kno everything from the people they have travelled to bali and lombok.

How long does it take to travel from kuta to:

North East

I also would like to know which air lines flight to Lombok, because we booked the hotel for the 12 days in Kuta, so i would love to arrive early and do as many things as possible in Lombok, for one day... or two if the plane ticket is not to expensive, anyone knows?

I alsowould like to know if it's easy to pay by credit card ( I suppose that in the big areas it is, but smaller places it's hard, like everywhere)

As you can see it's my first time going to bali, i'm going with my husband and 4 more friends.
we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, any place very romantic, or special thing to do?? ;)

I also would like to know if it's worth it to buy there any games for psp, xbox, or it's around the same price.... the same for big digital cameras(like Nikon D50 -d70)

I think i'm asking too many things, but i already said it's my first time!!! hehe

I will appreciate any tips...

Thanks for your help

2. Posted by naraloca (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y

ops! i forgot to ask what kind of clothing we need to wear, as we are leaving this friday....
But i have to say that we are only carrying a small bag, to fit inside the plane... we don not want to risk anything flying from Australia, after the bali 9 and Schappelle Corby's incidents....

Anyways perfect excuse for more shopping!!!!

Thanks guys!

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5. Posted by lolopass (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Jetstar has non-stop flights to Lombok, from Perth

6. Posted by travelibro (Inactive 13 posts) 2y

Bali is a beautifull place and still you want to know as in what to do in Bali.
Comeon, I think its one of the best destinations to go to