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To smoke or not to smoke

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1. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 11y

In light of the recent passing of the no smoking bill here in the UK. All public places/buildings will be smoke free. This is also in place in other countries already.
Is this a stage too far with goverments telling us what to do?
Does it make any difference? Agree/disagree

2. Posted by Twinkle (Travel Guru 1112 posts) 11y

Being a smoker I cant say I agree with the new the same time, I can totally appreciate that to be a non smoker, its not fair that they must sit in a place where they are breathing in other peoples smoke. When I was in America where the ban is pretty strict, the one thing I loved was coming home from a bar or club and not having my clothes and hair smell or stale the same time It made me and the other smokers feel antisocial by having to go get our coats and vacate outside every now and then for a cigarette.
I just think its ridiculous, I cant understand why places cant have simply a smoking room or area....they push freedom of choice upon us yet at same time make exclusive laws and rules. I can understand at family restaurants etc but when you go out at night you either want a cigarette after dinner or with a drink!!!It could be argued the same with alcohol, it also has health implications and many people feel strongly about alcohol abuse but I cant ever imagine them banning alcohol, actually they promote the opposite by bringing in ridiculous all night drinking legislation?!?!?Its ludicris!!!!I think smoking bans in clubs etc will have serious implications on the livelyhood of them, people will choose to attend private member clubs or smaller places which allow rules to be overseen.....You go out to have a laugh and socialise and if its all getting uptight and on edge whos going to bother, throw your own party?!?! I just think our country needs to let its hair down and stop being so anal, they spend all their time and govenment money on mincy issues such as "lets stop people smoking in a public place" when at the same time you have hooligans rolling on the floors of pubs, people getting a glass smashed in their face and 14 year old underage drinkers having sex in club toilets?!?!? Or is that just the north?!?!?However thats just the issues attatched to the whole pub and club aspects, there are plenty more external issues such as more money needing to be spent on stringent police recuitment and security enforcement and method etc they seem to be neglecting to address what really matters and are pinpointing less important issues.
Im totally up for seperate areas for smokers as i understand its not fair on non smokers but I think to ban it all together is just impractical, we live in modern times, this whole suppresion thing reminds me of Big Brother.....

3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

Since smoking has negative effects on everyone's health, I'm all for keeping it out of public places. Cigarette smoke isn't containable, like alcohol - it drifts from one place and quickly invades a room. When someone has a beer, the people around him don't get drunk, too.

I've sat in "non-smoking" sections of a restaurant where the smoking section was two tables away. Needless to say I "smoked" along with the smokers. And try being allergic to smoke - nothing like dinner and an asthma attck! Yum!

To smoke or not to smoke is a personal choice, and the general public should not have to pay the consequence of certain people's decision to partake in a deadly habit. If someone invites me to their home and they smoke, it's my own personal choice to go or not. But if I'm in a public place - a bar a restaurant a building an airport - then I expect laws to be put in place to respect the general population's health.

That there are other problems in our countries is moot - the issue is smoking in public places. With the rate of cancer growing by leaps and bouds every year, the money saved on health-care costs alone is worth the price of an anti-smoking law.

4. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 11y

Here in Australia, by law there are separate non smoking areas of bars and pubs. Next year the law will change whereby all indoor areas of bars and pubs will be smoke free.

In my mind, it can't come soon enough.

I can't stand breathing in cigarette smoke and having my clothes stink of it after a night out. I feel really dirty, and have a shower and hang my clothes on the line when I get home.

They should ban the sale of cigarettes and send the executives from cigarette companies to jail.

P.S. I used to smoke but gave up about 15 years ago. Probably added 15 years to my life expectancy, and $15,000 to my bank account.

5. Posted by SeeTheSky (Respected Member 558 posts) 11y

I think people should do whatever works for them. but i do admit, when im in NY its nice not dealing with smoke all over the place in bars. still. and emma, as far as your arguement, well, america is a fuckin mess, so dont even bother. its such a base corrupted society with an insanely over-inflated view of itself. and as far as the youth being total scumbags, well, i see it firsthand all the time. Kids are just jaded to the imposed lifestyle pressed on them from an early age, and are convinced the world is a unexciting, unadventurous place becuase they believe what their parents tell them and what they see on television, so they screw their brains out, do coke, maintain an image and ruin their future all in one fell swoop. magical huh.
keep in mind, there are alot of cool people living in america too. unfortunately, they all keep a low profile, and all you see is the grown-up kids with mulitple addictions due to a lack of self-realization.
so thats that.
Be well,

6. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 11y

Good points,
The idea is good,as long as there is places you can go.
But it's the fact of being told by the goverments. I think it should be up to the bar/pub/club to choose what to do.
You just know once they have the cigs out the door, they will line up something else - ban cars (they kill enough people), Fast food, soft drinks (full of sugar), chocolate/sweets where will it end?

7. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

Quoting jase007

You just know once they have the cigs out the door, they will line up something else - ban cars (they kill enough people), Fast food, soft drinks (full of sugar), chocolate/sweets where will it end?

It all comes around, though. People with bad eating habits become a terrible burden on the health-care system, and the public at large pays the consequences. Here in Canada, we're looking at a baby-boomer health-care crisis: most are so out of shape that experts predict baby boomers will stretch the system beyond its limits. Is it fair that their personal choices - when they are all very well informed of the health risks of smoking and bad diet - will put medicare itself at risk?

I'm all for governments passing laws to make people take responsibility for their own actions. Not that they should be tyrants, but they need to put the health of people and social systems first.

Personally, I'm more peeved at the people who make money off of all these things. Tobacco companies, car manufacturers who lay off employees and rake up profits, Coke and Pepsi invading every country on the globe.

Passes along soap box!

8. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 11y

Quoting tway

I'm all for governments passing laws to make people take responsibility for their own actions. Not that they should be tyrants, but they need to put the health of people and social systems first.

Passes along soap box!

My point is: everyone is responsible for their own actions. You have a choice to enter a smoke filled bar, or eat 50,000 burgers and weigh 50ton, purchse a certian type of car or jeans. Therefore you should be responsible for what consequences that may brings, not the goverment telling you what you can do or not do.
The goverment is there to educate and regulate and fund certial social services, i object to being told how to live your life (if i wanted that i'd get married ). You should have a choice to abide by their recommendations regarding lifestyle, and if you choose to ignore it, well then you should bear the outcome. But at least then you have the choice.

9. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

I am a smoker/ex smoker (since I quit everyother day ;) )
And I agree in principle...that the government shouldn't control what I do. I am also a mother...I do not smoke in my house, or my car...I only smoke outside. Just because I decided to smoke, doesn't mean my children have. That is the thing with is in the air all around smokers...and a non smoker can't choose NOT to breath around them. So a smoker should not be allowed to take the choice of smoke free air away from someone else.
(Passing the soapbox...:) )

10. Posted by Twinkle (Travel Guru 1112 posts) 11y

Im a smoker and I do agree with these points...Im very much up for this whole making your own decisions....I figure that it should be left to the decision of the individual bar and club....all the places would have to do would introduce a smoking room so smoke wouldnt be billowing about the place!
Yes smoking is a decision people choose and some people dont so I can understand that its not pleasant to impose that through passive smoking but at the same time you go into a bar, you know to expect a social situation....its the same as alcohol, yes, people say but you can choose not to drink and even if other people are drunk it doesnt affect you... but the reality is is does affect other people, Ive seen the most horrific fights break out over a drunk person and a sober person who was just minding their own business...another example, people get so beyond drunk that you see people pissing all over the street, stumbling around in their own urine, come on, I go out I dont want to see people degrading themselves life that therefore it does have imapact on me mentally...another example I dont want to have pee and vomit on the soles of my shoes...that totally effects me because they are expensive and very pretty shoes and really irritates me that someone would have the right to ruin MY nice shoes!Anyway....Im totally going off on a tangent here......
The point is, I say let it be the choice of the bar are club....I figure the places i go to wouldnt be the sort of places to impose rules on people...for example I would never go to one of those anal , tacky places that have such a thing as dress codes...who wants to see a bunch of guys all in matching shirts and loafers?!?!Cheap!!!Ewwwww, I say bring on individuality, go out do your thing, If you dont like something about the place, then dont go there!!!