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1. Posted by steviewond (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y

Hi guys,

I was looking at this site and made a post: -snip- and was wondering how many people out there have travel confessions.

I mean people tend to act differently miles away from home with the freedom etc

Surelly some of you must have some amazing stories and experiences?

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2. Posted by Twinkle (Respected Member 1112 posts) 11y

Hey, loved that website, my kinda stories!!!So funny!
I have one which questions my and my mate Lynsey were in Rome and whilst visiting the Vatican we were kind of at the point where money was running out and we were losing patience with waiting around to get int the life to go to the top of St Peters Basilica....imagine our delight when we found ourself accidentaly swept up into a group of German school children on a trip!!!!Too lazy to go back and get a ticket we found ourselves involved in the headcount without having to pay for a ticket!!!these kids were about 14 and we were actually 22 at the time and the ridiculous thing was the teacher did the headcount and didnt notice that we werent their pupils!!!So yeah, it might sound bad blagging our way ito a religious building without paying, but it was worth a laugh and the money saved bought a divine "Rum Barba" (is that what they are called those gigantic run truffle type things covered in sprinkles?!?!?

3. Posted by s_hoot (Respected Member 497 posts) 11y

i hate to ruin your story but St. Peter's Bascillica is a church and you dont have to pay to get into churches, sorry it was free the whole time. not laughing though. hehehehelol

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

Quoting s_hoot

i hate to ruin your story but St. Peter's Bascillica is a church and you dont have to pay to get into churches, sorry it was free the whole time. not laughing though. hehehehelol

You should try visiting churches in Europe. 7 pounds sterling to see St. Paul's and another 7 pounds to tour Westminster Abbey. I took great shots of both - from outside!

5. Posted by Twinkle (Respected Member 1112 posts) 11y

Hey its 6 Euros to use the lift to the viewing point!!!!

6. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Churches are free if you want to pray or give confession - anything else - it will cost you...

7. Posted by Twinkle (Respected Member 1112 posts) 11y

hence my point s_hoot!!!!Not everything in life is free!!!Anyway, whats your travel confession????

8. Posted by cruisegirl (Respected Member 244 posts) 11y

I got into the car of a complete stranger (it was a red convertible BMW) in Kusadasi, Turkey. I wanted to go to a linen shop, so Benny, the guy that I had just bought $200 worth of leather from, called his friend to take me. Not only did I get in the car, I left my leather purchase behind in Benny's shop!! I am pleased to say that I got there and back safe and sound, bought a beautiful blanket and pillow, returned to Benny's and got my leather jacket/skirt. I only did it because Benny is a very trusted source amongst crew members.....but if my mother knew, she'd have my head for a trophy. When we are little, we are taught not to get into a strangers car, but why when we are in our mid-20's we thing we can handle it?? I look back and just shake my head and thank god that I was dealing with 3 of the friendliest and most wonderful Turkish men that day!!

(side note: I have also paid to visit churches in europe, because I am not going in to pray or give confession....and I can't bring myself to lie about my purpose of being there!! I have sang in St Peter's Basilica as a part of a choir, but we never went up to the view point...I am sure it's so amazing though!!)

9. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 11y

Well, a friend of mine met this girl in a nightclub in Amsterdam, and they became rather friendly with each other.

They went back to this girls car and started messing about, when he found out that the "she" was really a "he".

So, my friend escaped through the sunroof but the guy hung on to his legs, but he ended up escaping but losing a shoe

10. Posted by danalasta (Respected Member 519 posts) 11y

It happened sometime ago...I was on my way in a bus from BKK to Chiang Kong to take slow boat across to Huayxai...and ended up,instead, in Chiang Kham, 90km away...all because the way I pronouced it...and the conductor dropped me off in the wrong town...I learnt that you have to pronouce "Kong" with a long Khoooooong..My mistake was that...I said without the drag and so Kong sounded like Kham!...and for that I ended up paying 90B to take another bus to Chiang Khooooooong! I am wiser now...and oh, yes, there is another town Kong Chiam (near Chong Mek in Thailand)....So watch out! Oh yes, near Miri in Sawarak, there is a little trading town called "Baram Port"...but don't ever ask a native or a local by that name! You may get your ""rear end" in deep trouble! Just ask for "Baram"