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71. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 10y

The Secret of Mim?

Plot Outline: To save her ill son, a field mouse must seek the aid of a colony of super-intelligent rats, in whom she has a deeper link to than she ever suspected.

Why are super-intelligent rats never around when I need them?

72. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 10y

I think you should be called Mimdecisive.

73. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 10y

It doesnt fit, but nice idea although I get the feeling you were being sharp tongued with that suggestionio mr q-tip

74. Posted by Pardus (Respected Member 2356 posts) 10y

I liked Mimstrel... Madame Mim sounds a bit seedy to me... Images of Red walls and couches spring to mind....

How about Mimir? (As in the Nordic Mythology, Mimir's well where Odin/Wotan sacrificied one of his eyes for wisdom...)

Or MiniMim??

75. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 10y

eeeewwwwww total gross out!!!

bloody hell, it seems whatever I go for someone somewhere gets a negative image from it

oh well, just have to keep trying

76. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 10y


a genus of flowers that includes theMonkey flower

77. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 10y

Are you changing your username daily, mim? ;)

78. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 10y

almost and why not ;)

I get bored and Im v.indecisive

79. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

I like mimulus! It is very unique. :)

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