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Visiting Bhutan

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1. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 11y

Hi all,

I've just read that is not possible to enter Bhutan individually, is only allowed under a guided tour. Is it true??

Is there anyone that got a visa and entered the country by his own??

thanks so much!

2. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 11y

Nobody knows??

3. Posted by danalasta (Respected Member 519 posts) 11y

Youre right....u buy into a group...and ur budget will have to be USD200-250 a day! and as for addition to the indian visa, you are also issued a entry permit as u cross into Bhutan! No charge for this...


4. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 11y

... I guess it means to forget it if I'm planning a low budget visit...

5. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 11y

from looking at the *ahem* lonely planet site it would appear that you can sort of travel independently in Bhutan - if you're prepared to spend $200US/day in tourist tax and hire a car and driver through the national tourist agency. It would seem that about $200US/day is about the minumum they're prepared to let you spend.

6. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 11y

Ummm.... better to forget then.... I'm not that poor.... jeje