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where do you prefer to live canada or australia

Travel Forums General Talk where do you prefer to live canada or australia


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1. Posted by zul (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

i would appreciate your opinion

2. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 10y

Australia. Mainly because of the climate.

3. Posted by nads83 (Budding Member 29 posts) 10y

"Australia. Mainly because of the climate."

I don't blame you one bit! bbrrrr it's cold in Canada today ;)

4. Posted by im__71 (Inactive 8 posts) 10y

Australia - in particular, Gold Coast. It's absolutely beautiful over there. Plus, it's not far from the city life of Brisbane. I must say, however, I do like Vancouver & Victoria in Canada also.

5. Posted by zul (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

Thanks guys, but I am actually from Russia (close to Siberia and love snow), lived in Australia, London, UK and other countries of Europe... I got an opportunity to migrate to Canada and/or stay in Australia...I guess I need your opinion on both countries not only from the weather point of view but also an economy and the development of both countries (I don't know much about Canada, so cannot compare).
Don't get me wrong I am humbled to have the opportunity to live in Australia but after my great education: Law degree, Master of Business Law etc, it is difficult for me to get a good job in Australia, I don't have any family ties here and thus no connections...So I would appreciate your kind views from those who perhaps lived in both or either country.. I have a decision to make that would effect the rest of my life:)
Thank you

6. Posted by xxpacerxx (Full Member 76 posts) 10y


what a lucky chappie you are! Do you have the chance to emigrate to both countries or just the one. Maybe this affects your decision in a whole diffferent way. I dont feel i can offer comprehensive advice as i havent visited canada. But personally some question do arise;

have i visited enough places within the country.
maybe a re-visit might open or close some doors

What benefits does the country offer me as a permenant resident?

Maybe a look at current statistics to what they were 10 years ago;population,crime,unemployment.

Job opportunities. If a job arises is it in the city? do u want to live a city? Is there a suburb close by.

Ok Comrade, i dont know what else i can say...erm..flip a coin

7. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

There are a quite a few Russians living in Canada. I've run into a lot of them in the IT sphere. Skills are pretty transferable in that area.

I know that some places don't look at degrees from international insitutions with the same value as local ones, and might require you to take additional courses for the transferability of your degree. You might want to check with the Law Societies in Canada to see how transferable your education is to Canada. Law is a provincal matter by in large, so the law societies are organized by province. Google "Law society of" and a province name, and you'll find their page.

The provinces can be found here: Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have the most jobs for English Speakers. If you speak French as well, you can look at Quebec. The other provinces have jobs, but unemployement is higher and less corporations are based there. Alberta is a big energy sector (oil and gas). Ontario is more manufacturing and banking. British Columbia has a lot of natural resource based industries. Quebec has banking and manufacturing as well as natural resources. Mining is big across Canada. All other industries are represented, but in small numbers than you would find in the U.S.

You can do a search of cost of living, but I think it's probably similar to Australia. Big cities in Canada are more expensive than smaller cities, with Vancouver and Toronto having the highest cost of living, but I understand that Calgary is catching up in that regard (but there is a lot of money their now with the price of oil recently).

Canada is very well developed with infrastructure, though public transit and rail transit isn't great. It's fly or drive, mostly. If you live right in the heart of a city, public transit is a decent option. But if you want to live in a house with a yard, you'll most likely need a car (or plan to live very close to a train station, which isn't always possible).

People in Canada are nice and accepting of immigrants. As I stated above, there are a large Russians immigrant population in Canada. Depending on your desire, you can either spend time within the Russian community, or make friends in the larger community. It's no problem either way.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. That's all I can think of for now, but will post if I think of anything else that can help you. Also, if you have questions about different places in Canada, feel free to post.

8. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 10y

Hi Zul,

All migrant educational qualifications are tested by the appropriate authorities when you apply for permanent residency. If they match Australian qualifications you are as eligible for a good job as the next person. I know this because I'm a licensed immigration agent. So if you have the chance to migrate is it for reasons outside of your skills?

Bottom line: live in Australia. You'll be surprised how good weather soothes the soul.

9. Posted by zul (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

Thanks guys for your replies

I am a permanent resident in Australia & just got PR for Canada, that is why I am looking at going there first (mid April) with my husband who is practising law in Australia and has pretty good job compare to me (he is originally from Malaysia).
I am not very keen in living close to Russian community, never done that and prefer multiculturalism

I don’t know much about Canada, except I used to have a friend from Canada, around Vancouver area. I had visited BC in 1998 and really liked the place, it was really breathtaking.

Australia is a great country, but I have not been lucky in terms of job opportunities, it seems that connections are very important here (I live in Melbourne at the moment) and in my personal opinion (I do not want to offend anyone) there is a silent discrimination here once you open your mouth and people hear you’re speaking with an accent.

I’ve heard about Alberta and its recent development and growth….However, during our visit to Canada, we wouldn’t be able to afford to go to many places that is why I was thinking about Toronto.
Do you guys know if law societies are very protective in Canada. For example, although I have a degree from University of London and Australian law is based on commonwealth law but I am required to do a major number of subjects in Australia to get me admitted here and do the Articles.
I would appreciate your opinion guys

10. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 10y

Quoting zul

Do you guys know if law societies are very protective in Canada. For example, although I have a degree from University of London and Australian law is based on commonwealth law but I am required to do a major number of subjects in Australia to get me admitted here and do the Articles.

Well, I think it'd be natural for you to do some modules in Canadian law even if you have a degree from London, since it'll be necessary for you to familiarise yourself with Canadian law if you're keen on practising there. Canadian law has Commonwealth roots, but over the years, it has developed and I wouldn't assume that just because you have a law degree from an English university, you can ease into the legal practice of another country without having to go through some familiarisation process. So I'm not surprised you had to go through that in Australia.

Why don't you check with the Canadian Bar Association for more information?