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Scandanavia, best places?

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1. Posted by Timmy Tato (Budding Member 19 posts) 11y


We are planning on 3 weeks+ in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We fancy the idea of travelling right the way up through Norway & Sweden and then down through Finland, really to appreciate the countryside.

Has anyone done this (or bits of this)? Any suggested most-dos or must-sees? How did you travel trains, coaches etc?

I've found but are there any other sites that people can point me at?

Really appreciate your time.


2. Posted by Edebarudo (Full Member 70 posts) 11y

Hi, Timmy!

I haven't done this trip myself, but I think I can give you a fairly good plan...

If you want the most out of this trip, and to see the countryside, start by going to malmo in the south of Sweden, then go up by Gothenburg (I am from Gothenburg myself, so I can tell you that it is worth it! It's a nice town..)and go through Bohuslan..

You go through Bohuslan and over the Norwegian border (From here I can't tell you much because I've only been to Norway when I was a little kiddo, but I guess a good city is Oslo? Heard a lot about it..)

You go through Norway somehow, and then you cross the triple border (trestegsroset) between Sweden, Norway and Finland, and go to Finland..

You will have no trouble whatsoever finding beatiful nature in Finland.. It is the land of the two-thousand lakes, but I'm no expert in Finland, so maybe someone else can help you on this one?

PS. When you're in Sweden, the only reasonable way to travel is through SJ (Sweden's Railways, and you can buy a one-week train card to get the most of it...

Cheers and I wish you the best of luck,

3. Posted by danube (Full Member 63 posts) 11y

Hi Timmy,

Just some thoughts from personal experience in Norway. I made the way northwards and back last year - though I didn't make it up till the North Cape only till Tromso.

I travelled by train, buses, and ferries. I think night trains are the most practical way to travel in such a long country (as practically everything costs a fortune the best deal is buying an Interrail Pass covering Norway, Sweden and Finland - as an Interrail holder You are entitled to discounts for e.g. coach tickets as well where trains are not exist).
I would suggest You not to miss Trondheim. If You have your time, You can make sidetrips to the Western Fjords (to Flam from Oslo or to Andalsnes and Geiranger from Dombas in case of travelling by train). In the far north don't miss the Lofoten Islands! I liked Tromso very much having much in the category "the northenmost in the world":) The official page to Norway tourist information is

Just as an example, my itinerary was: Malmö-Götheborg-Oslo-Trondheim-Fauske-Narvik-Tromso-Lofoten islands-Bodo-Andalsnes-Geiranger-Sogndal-Flam-Oslo-Stockholm.

Norway is stunning, take your time to explore it! Enjoy your journey!


4. Posted by Timmy Tato (Budding Member 19 posts) 11y

Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

Keep 'em coming ... :)

5. Posted by ozman (Full Member 118 posts) 11y

Make sure you see the Vasa when you are in Sweden.

6. Posted by paulf_1969 (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y

Norway - I went on the Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes, spectacular fjords great if you dont mind being on a boat for a week. The Oslo to Bergen train trip is fantastic. Viking Ship museum in Oslo is worth seeing too.
Sweden - Stockholm, loved it.

7. Posted by lugosi (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

Quoting Edebarudo

You will have no trouble whatsoever finding beatiful nature in Finland.. It is the land of the two-thousand lakes

There are approximately 188,000 lakes in Finland, to be exact. ;)

Timmy Tato: This may come a little late, but if you want more travel information (suggestions & valuable tips) on Finland, please contact me. I may be able to help you, since I'm a Finn. :)