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61. Posted by scotty85 (Full Member 88 posts) 10y

hey, i cant wait till oz intro! i was on the 16th but now moved to the 30th one, anyone got hostels booked for the days after??

62. Posted by trickdog (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y


wouldnt worry too much on that score mate, no doubt after 7 days any plans you did have originally might have changed!

63. Posted by pdt (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

Exactly have no idea what i'm doing after the OZINTRO just play it by ear. BTW I'm starting on Oct 2nd not long to go!

64. Posted by andrea22 (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

aw, it seems everyone else is booked on all the other weeks.

Hope im not going to be the only one!!! haha!

65. Posted by mandylou4u (Budding Member 73 posts) 10y

hiya, anyone doing the ox experience or heard any reviews on it as I have booked the cobber pass down the east coast from 27th Sept 06?!
Thanks, Manda x

66. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 10y

Who does this Mojorob think he is? Picking companies to pieces over compliance details he clearly knows nothing about. Started any companies lately Mojo? Can you walk the walk? Or just talk the talk? Sounds like professional jealousy to me.

I work in this industry in Australia running companies and I own a couple, and have done for many years. We find it counter-productive to waste time being negative and bagging other companies over details such as tax and compliance issues; let the customers decide. Let them vote with their feet and wallets. We've been guilty of it in the past and it came back and burned us. And I agree with Sam I Am: just because someone works from home or uses the internet to its full advantage to save costs doesn't make them less legitimate, it makes them smart; operational cost reductions means a better deal for the customers reading these pages.

I know many companies that deal with Oz Intro and they all rate them very highly indeed. They tell me the customers all have fun and a great value for money experience.


67. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 10y

Greg (majito) - have you read through all the posts?

I've made it quite clear, a number of times, that I was not "picking on" Oz Intro, nor was I being negative about them in regards to any issues I raised points about. Any legitimate business (as Oz Intro is) or company would have no problems in answering these queries - and indeed on the whole they were answered. Just a few quotes of mine from this thread:

Quoting mojorob

I wasn't slating OzIntro at all, I'm sorry if you took it that way.

Quoting mojorob

I'm trying to offer a balanced view, and in cases promote certain organisations when I think appropriate.

Quoting mojorob

Please be sure about this, I'm not suggesting OzIntro are fake at all. All I'm after is information about them and their set-up.

Quoting mojorob

I think I did make it clear in subsequent posts that I am not a competitor, and was not slating OzIntro - I was making pertinent observations in regards to OzIntro as an organisation. I was quite clear in saying that I wanted this information, and to hear from people who have been through OzIntro, so I can PROMOTE OzIntro, like I do with other organisations.

Quoting mojorob

Why do I do this research into such organisations? As I've said before, so I can promote them. I don't want to have a bias for one or two just down to my experiences - I want to help people find ways to go travelling based on both my experiences and knowledge.

Quoting mojorob

Asking these sorts of questions that I am can also help in sorting out the genuine (which currently I think OzIntro is btw), from the scam (e.g. Tribewanted possibly). Genuine organisations are/should always be open to questions about their practice - scammers don't like such questions.

Quoting mojorob

It has been pointed out to me in this thread that the results of me asking questions about Oz Intro may not be clear.

So please do read that thread for this, and also I will say now that please don't worry if you have booked through Oz Intro, or have been considering it.

If you believe the services Oz Intro provide are for you - then go for it! Enjoy yourself in Australia, and I'm sure you'll have a good first week with Oz Intro as well! :)

Hopefully after re-reading, you will notice that I was not picking on Oz Intro whatsoever, I was asking questions in the view to promoting them. Yes, some of the questions were a little involved and direct, but as I said - any genuine organisation should not have a problem with answering that kind of question, unless they have something to hide.

In reply to a question you asked, yes I have started a business before - in fact 2 of them. I checked with tax and privacy compliance for both of these, and dealt with that in the appropriate manner. It's certainly not "professional jealousy" on my part in any way - I want to promote different organisations to different people, according to their needs as one organisation will not suit everybody.

And Oz Intro is an organisation that I WILL promote when I think appropriate.


68. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 10y

Sure Rob. How about you disclose all of your private information to the TP forum so we know that you're a legit person. Don't want to? You don't have to. Neither do private companies. There is no legal obligation to tell the public information other than what's publicily available. I'm not batting for Oz Intro here; just the rights of private companies to fend off people like you that suggest we are obliged to reveal info on demand. We don't.

Now lets stick to the real travel questions. I'm we are both boring the pants off TP members with this non-travel related drivel.


69. Posted by Thea24 (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y

Hey all, just want to say I did ozintro about 5 weeks ago and found it great. wasn't bothered about the activities, just wanted a way to get know people. Ended up travelling to Cairns with 4 others I met in Surfside hostel. they weren't on the same ozintro as me, but they all had been on it on the previous weeks and were really glad they did it as well. Since leaving Sydney, I've had to text Micheal in ozintro about stuff (e.g. I lost mt tax number and didn't know how to go about getting another one)and he came back to me straight away with exactly what to do. And I know throughout the year if any of us have any problems he'll do his best to help us out where ever we are. Would definately recommend ozintro to anyone, especially people travelling alone.

70. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 10y

Quoting majito

Sure Rob. How about you disclose all of your private information to the TP forum so we know that you're a legit person. Don't want to? You don't have to. Neither do private companies. There is no legal obligation to tell the public information other than what's publicily available. I'm not batting for Oz Intro here; just the rights of private companies to fend off people like you that suggest we are obliged to reveal info on demand. We don't.

Hello Greg, thank you for answering your own question on my behalf. If you check back in my posts you will notice that I posted the following:

Quoting mojorob

If you think I am a competitor then feel free to send me a private message, and I will give you my details - which can be checked against any and all competitors (e.g. Bunac, Travellers Contact Point, CCUSA, Twin, AIFS Hosting Centre etc.).

Quoting mojorob

If the Admin (Sam I Am) who posted earlier would like to email me in regards to my questions, or to know more about me then he can. As an Admin you would have access to my email account.

If Michael from OzIntro wants to enquire about me, I have already invited him to do so via sending me a pm.

So, as you can see I am quite open to being asked for my private information to check if I am a "legit person". I would like to say that neither Sam nor Michael have done this, so probably don't feel it necessary although if they did I would be more than happy to answer their questions.

My questions were based on things that are publicly available - certainly no "questionable" digging around happened on my part.

Do you suggest that someone should pay money to a largely internet-based company/business without checking them out first?

Perhaps like people have with the whole Tribe Wanted thing, which has many questions in regards to it. This approach that you seem to suggest people do (i.e. questioning an organisation is in itself wrong, and the organisation has no obligation to answer such enquiries) helps potential scammers to make money (possibly like the above example, and there are others of course), and possibly a little naive. The internet has made it so easy for people to make money and disappear.

People have a right to know who they are handing money over to and doing business with in an open/free market.

I haven't suggested that Oz Intro, or any other organisation, should reveal their entire financial accounts. However for registered companies in the UK, their company appointments and accounts are publicly available, and I believe it is similar in Australia as well. Oz Intro is a business, whereas yours - Study Work and Travel Pty Ltd (previously known as Work Pacific Pty Ltd) - is a registered company.

Any company that is closed off to questions about their activities, or completely diverts questions about their activities immediately ring alarm bells in my mind, as you don't know what they're trying to hide.