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Flights to Aswan, Egypt

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1. Posted by krgoks (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 14 Mar '06 17:26

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I am planning my vacation to Egypt and wanted to start it off with the cruise down the Nile River which means I need to get to Aswan, Egypt. I hear there is an international airport in Aswan and wanted to know which airlines fly there from the US. I would prefer a direct flight from JFK, PHL, or out of Washington D.C. Thanks for the help.

2. Posted by mysticwanderer (Budding Member, 12 posts) 14 Mar '06 23:54

Hi krgoks,

Welcome to Egypt you will defenatly like Aswan as i dearly do (my number 1 city), as for your question, i dont think there is charter flights from the US (one way route), but you have to transit in a European city first then take a charter to Aswan most porbably London transit. Check this site below of direct flights from London to Aswan

When you go to Aswan i recommend staying at either the old (dont mind the service/food is not that good as the old Cataract)or the new Cataract Hotels (more expensive)- (both are next to each other) check this:
The view of the nile from both hotels is breath taking it will give you the feeling that you dont wanna to leave Aswan.

I will keep in touch if there is more info concerning your question.

3. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 16 Mar '06 14:41

You could also check out the option of flying into Hurghada from Europe. Hurghada is a resort town frequently and cheaply served mostly by German budget companies.

I went from Germany to Egypt (Hurghada) for 150 EUR return. A flight to Cairo would have been 350 return, and a fork-flight Germany-Aswan and Cairo-Germany would have been 450 Eur.

It is fairly easy to get a direct bus to Aswan from Hurghada via Luxor and then travel down the nile to Cairo. As I said, I did it in December. Only drawback was that I had to use a night bus from Cairo to Hurghada on the last day of my holiday.

Check out LTU ( for their fares, as they also have connections to Miami, Fort Myers, Orlando, Los Angeles and JFK-New York. You might have to spent a day or two in Germany and go overland from one airport to another to get a really good deal, but this way you'll get see to countries at the same time - where is the loss?