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does anyone go to europe in the winter??

Travel Forums Travel Companions does anyone go to europe in the winter??

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1. Posted by nessica (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

hi there, im planning to go round europe in the winter, december 06, but all my friends are bitching out on me. is winter not the cool thing to do? all i wanna do is just see it that so much to ask!!! haha but seriously, if anyone wants to join me...

2. Posted by ReinierNL (Full Member 207 posts) 10y

You're going to the other side of the planet just to see the snow here? Talking about posh travel! ;)
Here are some tips:
- Celebrating Pakjesavond in the Netherlands (don't be naughty!);
- Christmas shopping in Edinburgh;
- Skiing in the Alps.

3. Posted by walkabout (Budding Member 39 posts) 10y

yeah, i did! As an Aussie spending December, Jan, Feb, March and April (yep am still here) in freeeeeezing Switzerland it was a shock to the system, even for a tough Melbournian!

And while it`s great that Spring is finally arriving, i am glad i experienced winter in Europe! It`s so different and is a totally new experience - go for it! Your friends are prob envious (mine were) that you`ll get a white Xmas.

4. Posted by Wiakk (Budding Member 20 posts) 10y

Hi I am in the same boat!

Someone told me Nov-Feb (when I am going) is the worst possible time to go.

THen my friend in Germany replied "oh it's BEAUTIFUL!" With so much enthusiasm and dream in his voice. I choose to take the optimistic side!

Yes I am travelling over by myself, so keep in touch if you like :)

[ Edit: no e-mail addresses in the forums please ]

5. Posted by yuca (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Me too, traveling Europe in December, and is wondering where is better to go? As I have two weeks to go, and wanna culture visiting, any recommendations?


6. Posted by sunraybret (Full Member 27 posts) 10y

I too am a Melbournian and now travel to Canada and Europe every Dec-Jan. Last year it was Finland, England and Prague. The snow and colder weather made the towns a bit cheaper and quieter as well as simply beautiful (see images my gallery). The temperature in Europe ran around -15Deg C but the sun was out (except in UK) and I wandered around in an open coat or just a shirt. Tourist spots were not crowded, you can get a table at a restaurant and take photos as you desire. If your not into crowds, its great. I find it colder here in oz with a wind blowing then in Prague and the snow lined streets tend to make you forget the cold.

7. Posted by RobMc (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

In the week before last xmas went over to Latvia which was amazing. It was absolutley BALTIC! When it got to night time i had to wear every item of clothes that i had -think i must have broke some kind of world record - 5 pairs of pants at once (killer going to the toilet). But i just dont think you can beat snow on xmas day, as i am so used to it now!
Tho with being in Sydney this xmas im not sure if the chances of this continuing are that high.......

8. Posted by Cupidon (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

I love traveling in the winter, especially to Europe. I'll be in Spain this Dec'06/Jan'07 so if anyone's path lead them this way, feel free to join me!!

9. Posted by AussieGirl (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y


il be in europe for all of, france,germany, switz, italy. If anyone whats to chat up, message me,


10. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 10y

I plan to be Europe(Germany, Spain are for sure and other places yet to decide) in November just to experience the winter.