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Why is it so hard to meet people?

Travel Forums General Talk Why is it so hard to meet people?

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71. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 10y

Quoting joey22

a little game called 1,2,3, go! might work for you. on nights out me and my mate just say 1,2,3, go and then approach a girl we fancy and start talking. its amazing how much crap you come out with and it's surprising that the girl in question actually wants to talk to you, but she often does. haha. it doesnt always work and has failed horribly. but i guess what im trying to say is... just go for it! be confident and talk to guys you like the look of. theres no harm in trying.

it's not too hard to say something stood at a bar or whatever. just some general comment about the situation, ie how long its taking to get served. starting up a conversation is always the hard part. once you've got going you should be ok.

well, thats what i find anyway. if i spend too long thinking about what i'm gonna say to a girl i stuff up. if i just go for it, and trust myself and steam in there it often ends up going better than i thought.

i'm pretty average looking, 23 years old and not really all that much different to anyone else. i'm not hugely confident but reasonably self-confident around others... definitely not cocky or anything. i just realised when i was last travelling that people are too shy/apprehensive in their usual surroundings. i decided that i was gonna take the travelling me back home with me and unleash it in my usual haunts haha. it's fun and it's better than a whole load of "what ifs?"

go for it! remember 1,2,3, go!

joey :)

I like it!

72. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

I have a single friend... named Baaabara...

Well I know this gorgeous blonde 18 year old bi-sexual nymphomaniac who's father owns a chain of pubs, but unfortunately she's only into happy old lonely single British guys. Sorry

I pour out my heart in search of potentially my life's companion, and what do i get? Ridicule.


Thats the last time i ask the people of TP to help me *SNIFF*

1,2,3 go. And they are off!

73. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y

Quoting Gelli

I pour out my heart in search of potentially my life's companion, and what do i get? Ridicule.

Um... better not go looking in the new TP Novel thread...

74. Posted by road_trip (Full Member 203 posts) 10y

I've been subscribed to this thread for a while now and it makes me smile that every time I check my mail, its full of jokes....

Keep them coming!

Well, I say dont worry about meeting 'that someone'. If you go looking for them, you wont find them, just go with the flow, play the field, and have some fun!

My flatmate is 22, just finishing uni in June, he's engaged, got the wedding booked, honeymoon sorted, brand new flat with a mortgage, job, excel spreadsheet detailing where every penny will be spent from petrol to house insurance, plans for kids in 3 years......and he has only ever been with this one girl!

If you look closely at his head he's got a thumb print where he's being 'kept under the thumb'!!!lol

Honestly though, I couldn't deal with that kind of life plan. He's got everything planned out. It's kinda the reason I broke it off with my long term girlfriend (she started choosing the wedding crockery!! fook!).

Each to their own I suppose...


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