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1. Posted by finesilver (Full Member 63 posts) 10y

Hey, quick question about the photo gallery. Is there an easy way to auto select all photo's and print them in a SnapFish kind of way? If so I'll utilise the function more.

Just wondering!?

Also, out of interest, is there an expiry date on blogs? I will be home for about 8 months until I jet off again. Will my account wait for me whilst I save some cash?



2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 10y

Nothing that we have set up at the moment. Though it is a good idea and maybe something we can do in the future.

The blog won't expire, so whenever you want to come back to it, it will be waiting

3. Posted by finesilver (Full Member 63 posts) 10y

Hey Peter,

OK, I seem like a Travellerspoint stalker! I think having that options would greatly benefit the users plus be an attraction for utilisation of the photo gallery.

Keep me informed

Good news re expiration!

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 10y

No problem. We like knowing what people are looking for!

The only disadvantage in trying to do something like this would be the size of the files you need to upload. To have it printed at a good quality, you would need to upload files that are several megabytes large. This is a very time consuming process if you have a lot of photos. It would be much quicker to take the memory card/cd down to a photo shop and get them to print it there directly.

Then again, having your photos printable from the website would also be beneficial if your friends or family want a copy.

Now I'm just rambling