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Ok this is my Baltic/Poland itinerary..comments please!

Travel Forums Europe Ok this is my Baltic/Poland itinerary..comments please!

1. Posted by Bomberlow (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Hi people, posted a while ago about some info on the Baltic states, and now i have just booked the flights. Here's my proposed itinerary, any comments appreciated, any places i've missed out? Good places for accomodation, best places to party etc. etc

Me and buddy flying out 9th June -

Fri 9th - Estonia - Tallinn
Sat 10th - Estonia - Tallinn
Sun 11th - Estonia - Tartu
Mon 12th - Estonia - Tartu
Tues 13th - Estonia - Parnu
Weds 14th - Estonia - Parnu
Thur 15th -Estonia - Parnu
Fri 16th - Latvia - Riga
Sat 17th - Latvia - Riga
Sun 18th - Latvia - Jurmala
Mon 19th - Lithuania - Vilnius
Tues 20th - Lithuania - Vilnius
Weds 21st - Poland - Sopot
Thurs 22nd - Poland - Sopot
Fri 23rd - Poland - Gdansk/Debki
Sat 24th - Poland (Mates wedding day)
Sun 25th - Poland (Wedding)
Mon 26th - Back to UK!

So there you go, should end up in northern Poland for my mates wedding on the 24th. ;)So any comments? Have i placed the destinations in the best order? Will Tallinn and Riga be a good crack over the weekends? Is it worth going to Jurmala in Latvia etc. Cheeers Bomber! P.S if any of you are about in those places at those times?...

2. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 10y

Your trip looks fantastic. I will allmost the same as me but on a different direction. I'm looking forward to see all the replys and also could you make a report on your trip ?

My trip for 2006

Sat 08/07 : flight Amsterdam - Berlin
Sun 09/07 : Berlin
Mon 10/07 : Berlin
Teu 11/07 : train Berlin - Krakow
Wed 12/07 : visit to Auswitch
Thu 13/07 : train Krakow - Warsaw
Fri 14/07 : Warsaw
Sat 15/07 : bus Warsaw - Vilnius
Sun 16/07 : Vilnius
Mon 17/07 : bus Vilnius - Riga
Thu 18/07 : Riga
Wed 19/07 : bus Riga - Tallinn
Thu 20/07 : Tallinn
Fri 21/07 : ferry Tallinn - Helsinki
Sat 22/07 : Helsinki
Sun 23/07 : flight Helsinki - Dusseldorf
train Dusseldorf - Amsterdam

Kind regards,

3. Posted by Bomberlow (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Bjorn looks like you have yourself a good trip planned as well, plus you will be in Berlin for my Birthday 10/07 have a drink there for me! I was going to just travel Poland for a week on my own prior to the wedding but then a mate of mine wanted to come so we decided to travel the baltics down to Poland instead. Berlin, Krakow and Amsterdam are all places i want to visit, so likewise a report from you in July would be great! Take it easy Bomber.

4. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 10y

Dear all,

Please give us your info/comments. I have allready found a lot on and search through this forum but any info/comments would be highly appriciated.

Thanx in advance !!

5. Posted by IkeAramba (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

Which month are you going?

I'm not sure I'd bother to stay in Jurmala unless it is the middle of summer you are going. You can do a day trip there from Riga very easily (it's half an hour by train).

On a similar note I'm not sure you'd find too much to do in Parnu if you stay there for 3 days, when I visited it was early September and the summer season already appeared to have finished.

Personally I'd head to Riga a day earlier and maybe try another Latvian city on the Sunday (I've heard good things about Sigulda).

As for the accomodation question, I guess it depends on your budget - I know both Riga & Tallinn have hostels in the old town and Tallinn probably has more mid priced hotels if you are looking more at that price range.

6. Posted by Bomberlow (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Ike, I'm flying out 9th June & Bjorn is going the month after.
I think you are right on Parnu, i'll get an extra day in Riga on the Thursday, although being early June there should still be lots of students in Parnu right? I'll also investigate Sigulda. As for accomodation we will be hiring an apartment in Tallinn (got some friends flying in for the weekend) and then hosteling it the rest of the way!

7. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member 137 posts) 10y

Quoting Bomberlow

although being early June there should still be lots of students in Parnu right?

I wouldn't count on that, there are exams in May/June everywhere in Estonian schools. I think that one day in Parnu is enough, but You're bound to find something interesting to do in Tartu, 'cos Tartu is The University Town of Estonia. :)