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Another Argentina Question...

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Another Argentina Question...

1. Posted by amee (Budding Member, 14 posts) 23 Mar '06 19:42

I have narrowed down what I want to see in Argentina while I am there, which is going to be 17 in-country days. I would like to see Buenos Aires, Colonia (in Uruguay), Peninsula Valdes, Moreno Glacier, and either Cerro Fitz Roy or Torres del Paine. Any ideas on travel between these locations. Can anyone recommend places to see or hiking spots within these spots?
I think that I am going to just wing transportation when I get to Argentina and buy plane tickets there to travel and of course bus tickets as well.
Has anyone ever attempted the route 40 treks? I found a travel agency that will drive you from Calafate to Bariloche by bus/minivan for about 100 dollars, any suggestions?


2. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member, 295 posts) 24 Mar '06 22:22

I can only help you with information between Buenos Aires and Colonia.

The best way to do this is by the Buquebus (ferry) over the Rio Del La Plata.

3. Posted by chase (Budding Member, 33 posts) 1 Apr '06 06:14

Transport in Argentina is fantastic - it is worth it to pay the extra for a "coche-cama" for those long overnight journeys. From BsAs you can go anywhere by bus.
i would suggest BsAs - Puerto Madryn (whale season)- rios gallegos - el calafate - Puerto natal.(Chile)
Book trips to torres de paine in chile as it is cheaper than in el Calafate.
If anyone is interested there is a great trip from Puerto Natal - Puerto Montt on a ferry. It takes 4 days through the fjords and glaciers of tierras del fuego and I had a great time. it was only $175 for the whole trip including all food and entertainment, and we saw countless whales, Orcas and seals.

4. Posted by helper (Full Member, 55 posts) 29 Apr '06 17:58

the Route 40 can be done in 3 nights You start in Calafate, first night in Chalten, there is another night near the Caves of the Hands and then Bariloche. If you are willing to stay on a bus many hours it is a nice way to see the landscape. Two cmpanies do this but they dont run everyday. 3 days/week i think.
hope it helped you

5. Posted by nicolas79 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 1 May '06 13:18

If you don't have much time there, i'd advice you to skip the ruta 40 cause it's expensive and boring. The only thing you see there for 2 days are dusty roads and deserts. Better to spend your precious time in torres del paine and fitzroy area.

6. Posted by shaunigus (Budding Member, 32 posts) 2 May '06 21:33

Just thought this may be a good post to throw in a question about Torres Del Paine - i am looking to head down there around November-December - does anyone know the temp this time of year. From what i have read it dosnt seem that cold, however from other peoples posts and travel blogs etc they all say its pretty damn cold. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



7. Posted by findemundo (Full Member, 127 posts) 3 May '06 10:23

Just thought this may be a good post to throw in a question about Torres Del Paine - i am looking to head down there around November-December - does anyone know the temp this time of year.

Shaun, I spent two weeks in the area in January. Hiking around during the day was pleasant with shorts or light pants and a wool sweater (don't forget rain gear.) Nights were cold, but if you stay in the Torres del Paine campsite by the Glacier Gray, put on your woolies and hope you don't freeze - the campground is next to a really big ice cube that has it's own micro-climate :)

November will be cooler than December, but at that latitude, it's cool all the time - and the wind....

8. Posted by sinfronter (Budding Member, 29 posts) 3 May '06 13:07

November is mostly still pretty cold in TdP. You might be lucky and if you have experience in camping out in bad weather, you will have a wonderful experience because it won´t be crowded like in January/February...