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Miniumum amount of $ to be allowed into the country....

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Miniumum amount of $ to be allowed into the country....

1. Posted by Ccfit (Inactive 12 posts) 10y

I didnt find out until a few weeks ago that you have to bring a minimum requirement of $5000 AUD. Does anyone know what they ask for when you go through customs? Is it just a bank slip?? I have had many friends tell me that its really easy to get around. That someone can just put the money in your account, you can print off the slip and then take the money right out. Has anyone ever come across them checking a different way?? I dont want to show up there without this money and get kicked out!!

2. Posted by ahleeseeah (Budding Member 44 posts) 10y

I'm in a similar bind as you right now! I called the Australian consulate here in Canada to ask about it, and the woman I spoke to said they are "very strict" about you having the $5000 AUD. I asked her if a bank statement would suffice, and she told me that the immigration officials might ask me to prove my balance via online banking! She also mentioned that any debts I might have (credit card debt, loans, etc) look unfavourable as well. Very scary :(

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4893 posts) 10y

You will need $5000 because that's how much you'll spend (and then some; backpacker jobs don't earn you much money, they really only earn you just enough to keep on travelling). It's a really good amount to have, allowing you to travel and live for about three months.
However, no one on these boards (including myself) has ever actually had it checked by immigration that they had enough money, and literally hundreds of people have spoken up about it that I've seen. As long as you don't look like a total bum, you'll just be given the visa sticker and be waved through. As majito always says, backpackers are "low risk".

Of course, you could still catch an immigration official who was having a bad day, and decided to make an example of some backpackers, so I wouldn't absolutely rely on these words, but generally speaking, the immigration part of it isn't what you should worry about.

4. Posted by Ccfit (Inactive 12 posts) 10y

Okay thanks for the tips!! I called the consulate today and they said you just need to print off a bank statement, not from the ATM but from inside the bank and it has to be within a month before travelling.

5. Posted by klangaman (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

well i came to Australia with $100

6. Posted by Ccfit (Inactive 12 posts) 10y

I have met many people who have traveled to countries with a couple hundred dollars in their pocket, this site is the first one that I have came across that everyone has so much money!! I know its smarter to have lots of cash, and im not saying I dont have any, hahaha, but im not really worried about the actual amount of money I have, its just getting into the country im scared about!! If they turn me away I will pretty much just die right there. I met an aussie in Canada who brought $300 bucks with him, and hes making it fine!