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What are the Best Cities to Live in England?

Travel Forums Europe What are the Best Cities to Live in England?

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91. Posted by Oscarr (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y

Quoting SheMac

I'm so happy that I've found this thread!
I'm a 22 year old Californian planning on getting my Masters in Intenational Development in England!

I've applied to 4 universities, but I have no idea which would be the best for someone my age!
I'm not a huge partier, although a pubs nearby for socializing is never a bad thing!
I am in love with culture, travel and shopping! I was born & raised in California, so cold weather is going to take some getting used to, but my choices are:

  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol

This is for the 2009/2010 year! Any input would be great :)
I'm kind of leaning towards Manchester (my boyfriend's Man United posters have been persuasive!)

- Shannon

Hi I'm from Leeds, and will be goign to Manchester University in September 09, so I thought you may want my input if your'e still reading this thread. To be honest, all 4 of those choices are excellent unis and awesome cities, but I cannot speak highly enough of Leeds (my home) which has awesome night life, great people, very multicultural and a nice city layout. Manchester is much the same, just depends which colour rose you prefer! as like I say That is my uni of choice, and I had Bristol down as a possibilty. The North is a genuinely welcoming place, a lot of overseas choose Manchester and Leeds because of this. Hope you read this haha

92. Posted by LoreleiLee (Budding Member 70 posts) 8y

Id say, Liverpool Manchester or Edinburgh (yes I know its in Scotland but its an amazing city!)
i cant really stomach London for more than a few days, its too waaay overpriced for everything! My brother lives there and his living expenses are ridiculous!
Manchester has lots of brilliant things to do and see, the shopping is amazing! The people are lovely!
Liverpool has had a huge facelift due to it being capital of culture, it has loads of historical places and if you visit Formby which isnt too far away it has a beautiful beach. They also have a huge student events calendar if your planning on studying. The people there are lovely too and are always willing to help.
Edinburgh is beautiful, you get all the charm and attractions of a capital city but the beauty of historical landmarks. I never get tired of going there!

93. Posted by hIk (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

London would be my first choice, obviously.. I don't like Scotland, the weather is shite, and the people are horrible to me cause I'm English, I can't understand what they're saying. And they dress like girls (No offence). Don't even consider Wales.
But if you're looking for somewhere outside of the Capital. Wolverhampton, not over crowded, not too quiet, gradually building its way up there. Nice, big city centre and lots of activities for an 18 year old!

But there are simply lots to choose from: London, Birmingham - The second city! Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Brighton - Quiet, and nice weather by the sea, a good place to set up "camp."

There are a few places I wouldn't recommend would be: Coventry, just no. Stoke on Trent, Nottingham - Good night life, and a great place for a stag! But its heading the same way As Edinburgh.

[ Edit: Edited on 13-May-2009, at 13:27 by hIk ]

94. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 7y

As a Londoner, who now lives in Manchester - but has also lived in every corner of the UK (so not being biased in any way) , I'd go along with most of what Post #4# said - except...."EXCEPT"............... Best night life?? Not London - nor Manchester or Newcastle (close though). If we're talking night life and nothing else but night life - then it has to be.................................... Sheffield!!
No other city in the whole of Great Britain comes even near to being close.

95. Posted by Gekko HQ (Budding Member 7 posts) 7y

I think Oxford is pretty high up the list. Close to London without the expensive prices. It's a beautiful small city with beautiful countryside surrounding, great bars and restaurants and with superb access to London. It's worth a look.

96. Posted by Buzzcock (Full Member 178 posts) 7y

Quoting Clarabell

As for where not to live, Coventry (especially now the car industry is being screwed).

Ahem, thankyou Clarabell. I'm guess that I am way past 18, so it doesn't matter. When I was 18 I lived in Oxford, but I wouldn't rate it as highly as others do; for starters the cost of housing (including renting of course) is exorbitant, even in the less salubrious areas. The motor industry there isn't doing to well, try to sell overpriced Minis.

Incidentally I live very close to the one remaining car factory in Coventry which makes those London Taxis that some of you may be familiar with. What I like about Coventry is that it has a rich history. We have our own folkloric figure, Lady Godiva, famous for her naked equestrienne antics; and better than Her Ladyship, our own musical genre, Two-Tone now celebrating its 30th anniversary.

97. Posted by John44 (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Quoting Kookie86

i guess a lot of ppl seem to be having a hard time choosing a place to live in the UK...well, I just got admission into Newcastle University and the University of Glasgow....I know they're both great Universities but I haven't a clue about the cities... can anyone help me out?! Newcastle or Glasgow??

I assume all the London based Unies turned you down what bad luck, perhaps better to have a year out and try again next year.

98. Posted by seekingyou (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y


I need help on decidng which is the best city to live in for up-and-coming bands? I've been working on my music for a while now and feel ready to get a band together. I currently live in Derby which is about 7 years behind the times, lol.
What would be the best place to live in terms of the music scene and so on?

99. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 7y

Then go back to me - at Post #93# (I'm a poet - and I didn't know it. Get it to rhyme - every time).... Not the best room, or the easiest parking. Nor the best rail links or even the tastiest tap water. There's a choice for all of them, but not here.
Turning to music (and I'm a Londoner - don't forget!!!!).
Dance nights, all nighters, a city to give new bands a chance (as you mention), jazz, blues, R & B (doubt there are too many people under 20 that know what real R & B really is), rap, euphoria, trance, old skool (my fave) and so much more.... Before you even consider moving there, get a cheap B&B and spend a Friday and Saturday night in Sheffield. Honestly, I've never lived there - nor ever have any intentions of doing so. It's just I'm so into my choons and so far - I've never found a city, town, village or hamlet that's matched the city of Sheffield. I will say - "The Tivoli" in Buckley (North Wales) is one of the greatest small venues I've ever done.
I could quote more - but that'll do it for now.
Enjoy yr choons.

100. Posted by Gartt (Full Member 31 posts) 7y

Quoting seekingyou


I need help on decidng which is the best city to live in for up-and-coming bands? I've been working on my music for a while now and feel ready to get a band together. I currently live in Derby which is about 7 years behind the times, lol.
What would be the best place to live in terms of the music scene and so on?

I hate to say it, but its probably going to be London. Most cities have their own scenes, but the biggest is London unfortunately, which is also the most expensive. Saying that, theres a lot going on in the midlands if you just know where to look, hell even Northampton has a lively scene.

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