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What does your user name mean?

Travel Forums Off Topic What does your user name mean?

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41. Posted by boogydown (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y

I chose boogydown,because i am in the bronx alot family & for yankee games,the bx.
Well not much to it but good topic
Roy - boogydown,bronx

p.s. also my fathers birth place..

42. Posted by dodo21 (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

I chose dodo21 because my favourite children's book was about dodos, and they're now extinct! the 21 is just because 21 was my number a school...very boring really, although did you know that some researchers in Australia have come up with 'ground-breaking' results to show that dodos actually survived about five years more than originally thought (although i had no idea when dodos officially became xtinct in the first place!!);)
PS did anyone read the John Ryan books about dodos when they were little?

43. Posted by New Guy (Full Member 22 posts) 12y

I chose "New Dude" because, well, er, um, when I registered it was the first thing that came into my mind given that I was "new" to Travellerspoint and I'm a "dude" as in a male of the species !

I'm a bit worried though, someone once told me that "dude" in relation to camels has a TOTALLY different connotation !;)

44. Posted by New Guy (Full Member 22 posts) 12y

What am I on about ? I'm having a severe blonde moment, that's (New Dude) the 'handle' I use on another travel forum, New Guy is what I use here ! Boy is my face .....

45. Posted by kae (Budding Member 31 posts) 12y

uhhh.. my user name is "half" of real name in chinese, many "non-chinese" like to call "kae" rather than called my full name. I dunno y, maybe "kae" sounds friendly and easy to remember???!!
Btw, wat i know, it is a japanese name also.. so i got japanese and chinese name together..

46. Posted by shopgirl (Full Member 136 posts) 12y

I'm sure you can all work this one out!

47. Posted by skaldis (Inactive 16 posts) 12y

Its the latin name with a flemisch k (in latin it would be a c)for the river I live by. In dutch ( or flemisch ) the river is called De Schelde.

48. Posted by kitten (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y

It is my nickname from my husband, babydoll was taken and princess is just not me, so Kitten. It isn't one of those cutesie things either, when I am sleeping, I kind of burrow my head into the pillow, his arm, whatever. Also, he is always telling me I am mean like a tiger, so there you have it...

49. Posted by saraeg (Full Member 39 posts) 12y

Since I don't know which town, or for that matter which part of Poland my family comes from, I decided when I was younger that we were originally from Pila. I've used it for most of my usernames since then. While backpacking through Poland this spring I tried to make my way up there, but alas, it was not meant to be.

50. Posted by Aquastella (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y

Elizabeth was taken of course so I used my tattoo.

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