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What does your user name mean?

Travel Forums Off Topic What does your user name mean?

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51. Posted by Maktub (Budding Member 49 posts) 12y

Arabic for " It was Written" - im a strange fish ....

52. Posted by ctrlz (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y

ctrlz--"undo". I was doing a lot of writing online trying to save the world and so it just seemed cool....I think I originally came up with it when I was thinking about DJ names--I don't spin, but at the time most of my friends did--I'm a computer geek, so I said I'd be DJ Ctrlz. I liked it have stuck with it pretty much everywhere--it's annoying because it's getting more common, at first I could use it just about anywhere, now someone/s is stealin' my handle

53. Posted by SpaceCadet (Full Member 70 posts) 12y

I have a tendency to space out when I am alone. It happens even when I'm preoccupied in class, in a conversation or while I am typing this away....

54. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 12y

My username "Aman" is my name as well as i was the first registerer with this name on this site otherwise i use "gentleaman" at every other site. "Aman" is a Hindi/urdu word which means "Peace and Love" . I will try my best to fulfil the meaning of my name (Peace & Love) in this world.

55. Posted by travelnote (Full Member 23 posts) 12y

Sadly, it only allows 10 characters. I need an s on the end.



[ Edit: sorry, no website promotions in the forum please. ]

56. Posted by gypsyliar (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y

i like the name gypsyliar because I like to travel(which ofcourse I don't do much) so its gypsy. the liar because of my profession.

57. Posted by Tara_Yang (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y

well i'm a chinese girl and rachel is what my friends call me in english. and i'm shanghai so i add 'sh'.

58. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

"kody" is actually a song title sang by my fav. band; Matchbox20.

Kody sat down on the avenue
He tapped his feet to the humming of the highway
He watched the light shine down on the broken glass, and thought
I don?t got no reasons, yet
There it is and there it was
It was clear to all of us
We kept this hat of broken dreams
And we pulled them out, when we needed them around

So please hand me a bottle, I think I?m lonely now
And please give me direction, I think the hurt set in
And I don?t feel nothing, yet

There?s a squeak hinge down on the back gate
It lets us know if he comes around
But I don?t sleep that good anyway
And if you?ve never heard that silence, it?s a God awful sound

I don?t feel nothing, no I don?t feel nothing
There?s nothing to feel good about here

Don?t much get down to the avenue
I could drive
But it takes so much to get there
Don?t get off on all the broken glass, the cadillac scene,
I?ve seen a lot of good things die and i?m
In an overemotional way

Hmm...afterall I'm Nicholas.


59. Posted by Jayney D (Budding Member 28 posts) 12y

I love that song too!!! I love this one "I wanna push you around and I will, I will" Can't remember the name (is it PUSH possibly???)

Anyway, my name is vey obvious too. My name being Jayne and D being initial of my last name.

Jayney D was a name given to me by college mates and has stuck with my closest friends so like to use it!!

60. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

Yup that song's name "PUSH"


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