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Question about estimating the cost of a trip.

Travel Forums Europe Question about estimating the cost of a trip.

1. Posted by TahoeGuy (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

My question might not have a simple answer, but i'm looking for a rough estimate. I want to take my wife to Europe for our "trip of a lifetime". I'm looking for an estimate of the total $$ i should budget for such a trip. It will take me at least a year to save up enough to go, but i'd like to set a target amount now. Of course alot can happen in a year, but i can always save a little longer after reaching my target. My thinking right now is that my target should be about $6000. Can I get some opionions on this amount. The details of the trip are as follows.......

6 week trip, a Rick Steves type trip meaning alot of B&B's and just a few big hotels if any, staying away from the guided tours when possible, an open jaw flight plan, rental cars only where necc, main Countrys to visit would include Ireland, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, & Belguim. Neither of us are "fancy" eaters so budget meals will work most of the time. If i left out any details you need to deciede if the target amount is realistic, please let me know. I'm flexible on all the details at this point so let me know if something i mentioned is unrealistic. I am fully aware that we will not be able to see everything we want to. Thank You for any advice provided!

2. Posted by scattman (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y

Hi Tahoeguy,
I am actually thinking the same thing, about doing a 6 to 7 weeks trip in Europe. We are currently doing the UK at the moment, and as I am mailing you, we'e getting ready to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland on Saturday. Theres a lot more to see here and we're thinking of leaving the UK to go to Europe on the 3oth of August. We'll ferry our stuff and our car to Calais and drive down to Paris and camp out. We are thinking of camping most of the time coz we haven't camped together as a couple and I hope this goes well (oh dear).
Our itinery starts from France, Switzerland,Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany,Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and back to Paris.

I have forund a few good resources on the net.
For camping -
For Driving around -

But its better if you ask the many good soul in this forum. The guys here are really amazing and the advice they give you about their country is invaluable. Especially if you're thinking of doing Europe. Any way mate, drop me a line or 2 if you'd like some tips here in the UK. (I have been living here for about 2 years, (playing rugby and my wife teaching, but home for is Australia nd Fiji). Cheers mate.


3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y

nice idea with ur wife!!!

But first ill say the countries you have chosen are the most expenisve in europe. Esp Swiss.

Eastenr europe may offer you more for ur money but more hassle too.
Ide recommend Prague, Czech, for a cheap alternatvie and its verrrrry romantic ;)

For 6 weeks ide budget 10,000 USD. $6000 is only $1000 a month (brilliant Boston education! eh?) And ur plannin BnBs - in the UK and Swiss are expensive!

and its alot of ground to cover in 6 weeks. Try to cut down esp since travel is the most expenive part of

are u interested in cities, scenery, history, culture?

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y

Quoting jeffG

For 6 weeks ide budget 10,000 USD. $6000 is only $1000 a month (brilliant Boston education! eh?) And ur plannin BnBs - in the UK and Swiss are expensive!

That seems a lot for some 45 days - but I think you're thinking 6 months, and not six weeks...?

I'd think $6,000 is pretty good (is that before or after airfare?), although those are the most expensive places to stay. Read up a lot about the places you're going to and ask lots of questions (especially here!) - you'll probably discover some really inexpensive (and nice) places to stay, eat, see, etc. There are hidden gems everywhere! Try to go in early spring or fall, if you can, when prices are lower and there are less tourists.

5. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y

no way! tway!
Thats 6000 total for 2 people in Western Europe for 6 weeks?
Thats 3000 each for 6 weeks - 500 a week?! Food - u cant cook in BnB and hotels, accomodation, trains (trains in Swiss + UK!!! - woah, expense!) thats a low figure....atleats 10,000 for 2 peeps in West Euro.

I always plan X amount - and then double that.

6. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y

Ah - OK, I see the distinction. Those beautiful B&Bs in the heart of a major city will bleed that budget dry in no time.

Still, I think you can make it around Western Europe for $6,000 if you really search and plan. Staying in the outskirts, preparing your own meals, buying train passes ahead - it can all add up to savings that let you travel longer. Guess it all depends on what kind of trip you want to take.

7. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 10y

Jeff is right. The German Government requires visitors to have a minimum of 45 EUR per person for every day they stay in Germany.

That is the absolute minimum on which you can exist here as a traveller without begging, starving or sleeping under the bridges. 2 people for 6 weeks x 45 EUR per day and person = 4050 EUR. That cost only includes the cheapest food and very basic accomodation, but not travel by train, bus or plane nor entry fees to sights.

The big tourist areas like Paris or London are of course much more expensive. Similar with Switzerland.

8. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

Quoting jeffG

I always plan X amount - and then double that.

And lay out all the clothes you think you will need, and then cut that amount in half. Because you never wear half the stuff you bring.

9. Posted by TahoeGuy (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Yes, i'm still out here & still planning the trip. Just took some months off doing research to deal with family issues.

To answer a few of your questions.......

I set $6000 as the point at which we start making reservations, but still plan on saving more before we go. I'm not sure how long the trip will be because of my wifes illness (she has fibromyagia), but we both agreed to target between 4-6 weeks for now & adjust our itinerary accordingly as we get closer to the actual trip.

The amount i mentioned is not including airfare, which when i checked last week was going to be a little over $1000 each.

My wife is mostly interested in scenery & culture while i'm mostly interested in History & culture, but everything interests both of us.

I've been to Europe before (UK, France, Germany, Belguim, Luxerbourg, Spain, & Portugal) but didn't get to travel around much as it was all via the military.

Please check out the other thread i just posted & give me any feed back & feel like sharing!

Thanks Everyone!

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10. Posted by TahoeGuy (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Ok, all the great responses I've received have convinced us to do a major adjustment to our itinerary. Were now going to do the whole 4-6 weeks in just Ireland & the UK. Not even going to do New York City. In airfare alone this will save us around $500 for the 2 of us! SFO to Dublin & Dublin back into SFO compared with SFO to NYC to Dublin, Brussels to SFO. We also feel good that we'll have much more time to soak up everything Ireland & the UK has to offer.

More good news is that I found out that I get international employee rates for rental cars for both Ireland & the UK through Avis whom i work for as one of my PT jobs. I've already checked and they have rental car yards all over Ireland (both north & south) as well as Wales, Britian, & Scotland.

My main job is with Embassy Suites which is part of the Hilton family. I'm calling tomorrow to find out what kind of employee rates(if any) I get at Hilton or Hilton affiliated properties in both countries.

It's still going to be an expensive trip, but every $ saved in transport & lodging expenses is more $ for enjoying ourselves in other areas.