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The Good And The Bad Tours Of Buenos Aires

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean The Good And The Bad Tours Of Buenos Aires

1. Posted by MaryDuncan (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Ok, so I took a bad tour of Buenos Aires. I took the Evita Tour through my apartment renters. The tour guide and the driver kept fighting with eachother in Spanish the whole time. It became funny after awhile. We were packed in the tiny van. In Buenos Aires, a van has 4 people per seat. That is illegal where I come from. But anyway.

On the Evita tour, I did get a chance to see some places I would have liked to explore further. Like the Recoleta Cemetery. I ended up taking a nice walking tour of that for only 30 pesos. Included the area of Recoleta as well. Very nice area. Should have gotten an apartment there.

The guide on the walking tour suggested the Tango Tour. "Not in a van" I said. He told me about a private Tango Tour for about $200USD that lasted all day. Took that, it was great. Included most of the city, a private tango lesson, tango shopping, the works. The tango show was the best part.

2. Posted by Macachae (Full Member 240 posts) 10y

Sorry to listen about it!!!
Is late I know, but for others coming I want say :

[*]There are free tours in Recoleta cementery at 11AM and 3 PM conducted in Spanish, English and Portuguese too, The guides are very nice and informed women...

[*]Recoleta is a nice neigborhood but the turist point are all around Plaza Francia and Funcy avenida Alvear, so walking alone is amust and the area is safe.

[*]Tango places are around La Boca (well to do on weekend at day light) and Abasto where Carlos Gardel house and some Tango Academies teach for $7 to give your first step, private lessons are aaround $25 but I recommend to joint groups with locals.

[*]At Avenida de MAyo 1271, is "36 Billares" a traditional Tango coffee shop on weekends runs Tango shows only pay your dinner and enjoy !!!

All I recommend are not only free also good cuality events

3. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 10y

The Good And The Bad Tours Of Buenos Aires

Good = All the tours I did on my own, exploring the city on my own.

Bad = Any organised tour I took in BA. Too much money to pay for what I was getting out of it.

4. Posted by zip (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

Bad - Van tours because they are too rushed
BAd - The free cemetery tours because the accent was bad and the tour lasted abtu 45 mins. Plus, the free cemetery tours are only twice a week.
BAd - my own walking tour because I got lost and didn't learn anything

Good - The San Telmo Walking Tour because I got to see about 30 restaurants and learned the better ones early on my trip. I learned about Tango and where some great Tango shows were. I leanred the history of Argentina and about all the great architecture. I really enjoyed this tour. Can you tell?

Good - I enjoyed the Daily Recoleta Cemetery Tour for 20 pesos each. Far better than the free tour. 20 pesos, is almost free anyway.

5. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 10y

Quoting zip

BAd - my own walking tour because I got lost and didn't learn anything

Ahhh... But you see that's the whole fun of exploring the place on your own IMHO - getting lost somewhere and discovering new things that you may never have stumbled across on any organised tour, then having to ask for directions and getting a good chance to talk Spanish to the locals. I'll add that BA is one of the best cities to get lost in, so much to do and see. It's a real adventure.;)

After a while I got a map to orientate myself and when it was time to leave and come home again I actually knew the city even better than I know my own home city