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1. Posted by xjadex (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y

hello i'm jade,
i am planning on travelling to oz, Brisbane and i was just wondering if anyone had any advice as i am travelling on my own!?

2. Posted by Vlakvark (Budding Member 40 posts) 10y

I'm not as experienced a traveller as James, but I would suggest you be a bit more specific on what advice you need. I have found a lot of advice from these forums and found that the guys offering the advice are mostly sincere. Just make sure the way you put things does not piss people off! (Sorry James, that's my last go)

3. Posted by AKJ (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Hey jade, im travelling to Oz by myself in Jan 2007, cant wait. Really dint want to go by myself but none of my friends where up for it. Iv been to Oz be 4 so i know what to expect, what kind of advice do you need? Iv had lots of good advice from these forums so get posting your questions, every one has different answers for you and most of them are really helpful. Dont worry about going on your own i did and kept putting the trip off, and now im actually doing it i cant get Austrailia of the brain. Lv Adele x

4. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 10y

Just to give you peace of mind..i had never travelled before (and i mean never!!) and took my first trip to Oz all on my lonesome last year. I am now back for 1-2- years (yes alone)

I was like you..didnt have a clue what to expect etc. but when you arrive you will realise why you choose to come here, Oz is real easy to travel-you get everything done for you, they get sooo many backpackers that you'll find help on every doorstop!

I would say stay in hostels as you are guaranteed to meet people, just dont sit back and be reserved.

On your first couple of days try and get down to a beach on your own and then you;ll be relaxed and refreshed and raring to go-it does it for me everytime.

Its just one of those things that you just have to do-if you dont do it you'll be wishing that you had.

Its better to regret the things you have done, there are people out there who would love to do it but never will.

5. Posted by sapphyre (Respected Member 418 posts) 10y

Hi Jade,

I would certainly encourage you to travel alone! I've done 2 trips alone, first to E Canada and second to W Germany last year. Personally I feel that with every trip you take you'll grow as a person. Just gotta be open-minded and friendly (especially in Australia, they're very friendly!)

I've been to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne quite a few times but never been to Brisbane. Am due to visit Cairns and Adelaide this July. Brisbane's a really touristy place, from what I heard.

Generally Australia's a pretty safe place, so nothing much to worry about, apart from the general safety precautions like watching your belongings when out in public.

6. Posted by algore (Full Member 88 posts) 10y

Quoting lil j

On your first couple of days try and get down to a beach on your own and then you;ll be relaxed and refreshed and raring to go-it does it for me everytime.

Just don't forget the sunscreen, otherwise you'll be sore for the rest of the trip.

Brisbane is OK, but the more touristy place is the Gold Coast further south down the coast. Brisbane isn't actually on the coast so it doesn't have easy access to beaches. When I was there it didn't really have as many sights like Sydney does (by that I mean not many out of the ordinary structures).

If you want beaches though I definitely would recommend the Gold Coast. Depends what you're going for though. I really need more inofrmation before giving anymore advice.