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10 days in India

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1. Posted by Not Lost (Full Member 132 posts) 10y

Where would you go if you've only got 10 days in India?

2. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 316 posts) 10y

what time of the year do you plan to make this trip? The time of the year will determine what your best 10-day trip option is.

3. Posted by Not Lost (Full Member 132 posts) 10y

Looking at probably October 2006

4. Posted by lightbreez (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

well, october is kind of an in between time in terms of weather. The monsoon is over, and it is hottish again in most of the country, except the north where it will begin cooling. 10 days gives you time to travel leisurely in one part of India -- the south, the north, east, or west !

5. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 316 posts) 10y

10 days is not a whole lot but I can recommend an iterinary for you.

1. Delhi/Agra - 3 days
2. Dharmshala - 2 days
3. Jaipur - 2 days
4. Jaisalmer - 2 days
5. Goa - 3 days (although you probably wanna give this place more time)

Hope this helps,


6. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 10y

Since you are from M'sia and that you have only 10days, suggest you:

Madurai: 1day.
Thekkady: 2days-3days.
Aleppey :1 day in house boat.
Munnar ;1-2 days
Cochin :remaining days.

You will enjoy Kerala very much fro the greenery.The rainy season would have stopped by end Sept.

Have a nice trip.

7. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 10y

I figure since you are from Malaysia I would recomend the complete oposite that citybell did. Wouldn't you want to go somewhere completely different than home?

If you want something different than fly into Dehli. Make sure that you give yourself enough time for travelling. Things take time in India, and you never know when you'll be delayed. My rule of thumb is if the journey is more than about 3 hours, plan for the whole day. So this itinerary plans accordingly:

Delhi - 2 days
A day for travel from Delhi - Agra
Agra - 1 day.
Travel from Agra to Jaipur
Jaipur - 1 day
Travel from Jaipur - Puskar
Pushkar - 2 days
Puskar - Delhi
Last day in Delhi

An alternative to Puskar would be Jodhpur which many people like better.

8. Posted by Not Lost (Full Member 132 posts) 10y

thanks for all the suggestions. i was toying with the idea of going to north india instead of the south as it will be much more different from home.

Is cost very much different from what would entail if i were to go to the south? i heard that delhi is much more expensive than the rest of the country.


9. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 10y

The North is slightly more expensive than the South, but we are talking a very small amount of money anyway. If you are staying in budget accomidation than in Rajasthan you might pay 50 rupees more than for a the same room Kerala. There are also lots of tempting touristy restarants in Rajasthan, so you will pay over the odds for those. But if you eat locally, you won't notice too much of a difference. Delhi might be a bit more expensive than most places, but we are still talking a small difference, and it's a whole lot cheaper than Mumbai which was the most expensive place I found in India.
If you are thinking of staying in more upscale places, then I have no idea about the North/South difference.

10. Posted by chqttagold (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y


I was going through the posts out here that came as a response to your query, to begin with i would say that they are a bit misleading.

First of all i would like to tell you in 10 days you will be able to see little of India.It depends entirely on what you would be interested in before you decide which region you would like to visit.

If you are looking at historical sites and architectural wonders you can base yourstay at delhi and move aorund in Rajasthan,Orissa etc.Delhi is expensive than south,but one good thing about Delhi is its proximity to Himalayas.

If its nature then come down south where you will see Nature at its best.Beaches,rainforests,pleasent climate, you name it south india has it.Its for nothing that Kerala and Goa is called God's Own Country and Paradise on Earth respectively.

Please do feel free to message me if you require any help out here.

N.B: I am from Kerala and being an ardent nature lover has crisscrossed India in my motorbike,maybe the little knowledge i have can be of some help to you.