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What are some good places to visit in europe

Travel Forums Europe What are some good places to visit in europe

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1. Posted by Duck14 (Inactive 20 posts) 10y

I was wondering if you could tell me some places that are nice to visit in europe. You can tell me countries, citys, towns, hotels, or just some places.
Thanx Hannah

2. Posted by Alicja (Budding Member 238 posts) 10y

Europe has got many beautiful and intresting places.I think it nice to visit famouse places such a United Kindgom,France,Spain but you can visit Easter Europe,for example Poland (my country)with beautiful cities :Krakow,Wroclaw,Gdansk,Warszawa,Poznan,Torun or you can go to the ex german nazi Concentration Camp Auschwitz,wich is near Krakow and I think the nature in Poland is worth to see it,too-for example Tatry mountains with wonderful town Zakopane.If you have got more questions about my country,just write it or you can read about Poland on thread:"What do you want know about Poland?".

3. Posted by Odysseas (Full Member 1359 posts) 10y

I'd say,to give a short selection,Paris (is it a surprise?) and Rome as cities.And Bulgaria as country,the very best of europe according to me.There is nothing to "visit" there,but it is so beautiful,so wild,so magic.It is very samll,so you can see it all in a little time.AND IT IS WORTH IT.

4. Posted by komigirl (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

I agree with Alicja G. I recommend Eastern Europe as the most interesting part of this continent For example Poland;) In Poland You have to visit Cracow, Warsow and the south - Tatry. I think summertime is the best season in view of weather - there is warm in those days in Poland:)
But if You want to visit Central Europe, France will be nice (especially Paris - very amazing city).

5. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y

agree with East Euro - Poland is great - Torun is a very nice town, got "stuck" there for 5 days on my route from Berlin to Warsaw.

6. Posted by Dominatrix (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y

If you have just one month in Europe, a must is a week in each of the following: Lisbon, Aalesund (Norway) and Istanbul -- and in that order.

Then you may pick your favourite between: Paris, London, Berlin or St-Petersburg for the last week.

7. Posted by Dominatrix (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y

It would be nice to include Venice too.

8. Posted by ellador (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

As well as Paris, Rome and London, which between them almost define 'tourist europe' with their iconic buildings, how about Venice and Budapest for their beauty - Venice as an expensive option, Budapest as a budget version.
However my favourite european city is Florence, it's a cultural powerhouse but small enough to be easily manageable.

9. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 10y

There is far too much in Europe to make a simple list of things to see. There are 30+ countries and they all have something to offer. But if you need a list..
My favorite countries:

Favorite Cities:

Favorite smaller places and sites:
Anywhere in the Alps
The Acropolis
Any sites in Rome

I think though that if you are heading to Europe and have no idea what you want to see, then taking a tour might be a good idea. There are lots of tours out there for young folks, like Contiki, Top Deck, and they'll show you all the highlights of Europe. You could always consider taking one for half of your trip, and then when you find the things you like, go back and spend some time at them.

10. Posted by mee (Full Member 138 posts) 10y

Juhuu! ;)