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will a 512mb memory card last two months?

Travel Forums Travel Photography will a 512mb memory card last two months?


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1. Posted by Andyroo (Full Member, 109 posts) 24 Apr '06 09:00

please can ya help!

how many shots can it hold? i.e at different resolutions



2. Posted by joey22 (Travel Guru, 561 posts) 24 Apr '06 10:51

3 mega pixel 406 pictures on 512MB card

4 mega pixel 244 pictures

5 mega pixel 195 pictures

6 mega pixel 152 pictures

7-8 mega pixels 130/115 pictures

i didnt include 2 mega pixel cameras as they are pretty poor quality!

this is assuming you shoot at the highest resolution you can.

personally i shoot a lot of pictures and last time i went travelling i carried two 512mb, and one 256mb cards. i didn't take a 1gig card in case i lost it and lost all my pics in one go. i also backed them up online and to cd as often as i could.

hope this helps

joey :)

3. Posted by Andyroo (Full Member, 109 posts) 24 Apr '06 14:24

cheers buddy!!

that helps me loads!!

4. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru, 1696 posts) 24 Apr '06 15:14

I travelled with a 256 mb card, but I would always back it up onto cd roughly every 150 photos(make 2 copies and post one home). I never actually filled it so don't know how much (of my crap dotty low res pictures) it holds...... So going on that, I'm sure you don't need anything bigger than a 512 card!


5. Posted by road_trip (Full Member, 203 posts) 7 May '06 07:30

SD cards are so cheap now you may as well opt for a 1GB card. I've seen them for £17.50 for a well known branded one.
It's better to have too much space, than too little when 'that moment' arrives. ;)

6. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member, 137 posts) 21 May '06 07:01

512 is barely enough for a few days, when I'm taking pics.

7. Posted by pixcee (Full Member, 28 posts) 25 May '06 13:07

if travelling i would never leave without at LEAST a 1gig card...
and depending on the length of trip..i'd prolly get an extra card or 2 JUST in case...But i love taking pics so thats just me.

8. Posted by Rish_n_Ben (Full Member, 32 posts) 4 Jun '06 16:34

I would say it really depends where you are going. Almost all developed countries have internet cafes with new computers and cd burners. So a 512mb card plus a small backup of whatever you can get hold of, say 32mb or 128mb just to tide you over if you cant find a internet cafe at the last minute.

Then as suggested previously, I would reccomend making two copys of the photos on CD and posting one home, and keeping one on you.

Unless you are a serious photographer with a trillion megapixel camera, I couldnt see the point in 1gb memory cards. Cd's only hold about 650mb of data.

That said, if you are going hiking in the mountains for 1 month, maybe you do need a 1gb card. But they do have a internet cafe at base camp now dont they.

9. Posted by larsonski (Budding Member, 2 posts) 14 Jun '06 18:01

I don`t leave without my 1GB and 2GB Extreme III CF cards.
I get 144 pics in my 2GB CF when I shoot 8MP RAW this is nearly sufficiant for just one day shooting . I backup my card at the end of the day on an imagetank (40GB).

The prices of flashmemory are very cheap nowadays so I would suggest get the biggest card for the money. Or buy 2 smaller cards. Don`t go for less then 1GB.


10. Posted by zachary (Respected Member, 471 posts) 14 Jun '06 22:40

Quoting MelesMeles

512 is barely enough for a few days, when I'm taking pics.

same for me! no way in hell you should prepare to only use 512mb in 2 full months with no dumping, that is insane