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India, Egypt, Kenya or Brazil?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel India, Egypt, Kenya or Brazil?

1. Posted by Dio2 (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

I have only the time and money to go to one country. I want to spend July in one place and really get to explore it. I'm from the US and am culture starved. My main priority is experiencing and vastly different culture. The sights aren't as important to me as the people and the culture. This is my first time leaving the states and I'll be travelling alone. If anyone has any suggestions or tips I would really appreciate it.

2. Posted by catchout (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

I am from india. i like travelling and exploring new places. i had been to thailand, sri lanka, malasyia and singapore. ok getting to your point. India is a very big country and i have travelled almost all the parts of india since past 14 years. i feel you can enjoy india as a rich in cultures as there are many different states each with different languages, cultures, customs, dressing.....india has people with almost all the religions. you will have a number of historic monuments to watch in india. a whole month is not really sufficient to explore the whole of india, but still you can enjoy the cream of it. simply you can enjoy the place. if you feel you need any help visiting india you are welcome.

3. Posted by Tajamani (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

I am going to India first time too. Sometime in the fall for 4 months with my children and husband. He has business. This is my first time out of states too and I am cultured starved as well. My husband is from Mumbai and we are going to go to Northern India. Perhaps we can keep in touch and let each other know what is going on about our trips. Unfortunately, right now I have nothing to tell other than we are going to Hisar. I have to find schools and housing for us...yikes! We are waiting to hear about exact dates...getting kids physicals and paperwork completed right now. Good luck with your journey if I don't hear from you. Where are you from in US?

4. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 10y

Both Egypt and India are going to be very hot in July - hot enough to be uncomfortable.

I don't know about Kenya, but since it is on the Equator I guess it doesn't matter much which time you go. In Brazil it will be winter, so quite comfortable if you want to hike in the rainforest, but maybe not so great if you wanted the beaches in Rio.

5. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

Am from india... i would suggest if u decide its going to be india .. u should visit the north & west of india...july is time for keep that in mind..not much of rains up north n a bit towards the west.
nevertheless enjoy

6. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

"I'm from the US and am culture starved"

in india u sure will get a vast mix of diverse culture . . also some culture shock .. so be prepared n have a ball

7. Posted by sabaai (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

i like travelling and exploring new places.I had been to Thailand and Egypt, I think Thailand very nice contry and Thai people is very kindly...:) and in Egypt it's very cool
you will the old culture from here....

I've used for my travelling I think it's can help you for find an accommodation for your trip

Good luck with your journey :)

8. Posted by Alina123 (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

I would like to place a vote for Kenya. If you've never been out of the US, India might be a bit much. Kenya, though, is really developing its tourism industry. I know many people who are working/interning in Kenya and love it. Nairobi is supposed to be a very international, metropolitan city. Also, Kenya will give the different culture you are looking for without confronting you with extremely high-density population.